lack of support for gambling addicts

lack of support for gambling addicts

In Marlborough there is lack of support for the persons who are suffering from gambling addiction. For any type of addiction the issue has to be dealt with the mind of the person not with his or her physical activities. The gambling addicts need extensive counseling so that they can come out of gambling and the losses happened due to gambling.

It is reported that Marlborough is lacking for counselors or support for gambling addicts because of lack of funding. The city has to concentrate on funding for supporting the gambling addicts so that they save their lives. The addicts who did not receive any support will become depressed and suffer from various problems.

Mr Mc Milan the person who supports the gamblers when they are affected from addiction says that he was having one man band the service dedicated to help the gambling addicts to get rid of it. His service is called as addiction advice services that help a lot of gamblers to give up gambling addiction.

He says that actually he was doing the work of two persons as a single person as it required a lot of paper works and he worked many late nights for this. He was the only person in the city to support and counsel the gambling addicts.

Most of the addicts he had faced and counseled are gambling addicts and just 5 to 10 percent of the addicts were not gambling addicts. In Nelson there was another counselor who is expert in gambling addiction support and counseling whose name is Philip Townshend who has got another job and dropped this in the year 2013. Since then there are no active people who support and counsel the gambling addicts.

The expert Townshend had to travel to Marlborough only once in a week to treat the gambling addicts but it was not sufficient as there were much number of gambling addicts. Later he used phone calls to deal with the gambling addicts but it was not enough because it needs face to face meeting with the people so that it will be easy and effective to counsel the gambling addicts.

Cheryl the woman from Blenheim was punished for deception as she advertised IPhones for sale on facebook because she is a pokie addiction. After she is sentenced she cut her gambling membership from many clubs and gambling centers and receives counseling over phone.

She added that Marlborough need more support for gambling addicts as there are many gamblers here who lose huge money. She says that she had witnessed a lot of people who lose their money the complete income on the gambling machine that destroys their life.

Everyone says that Marlborough should have some counseling centers with the counselors who work not for money alone but by experience to treat the addicts to help them to be free from addiction.