Know more about the best moments

Know more about the best moments

Know more about the best moments of world cup 2011

Most of us love to play as well as watch Cricket whether it’s a lively telecasted or watching in the street. We do enjoy this game to our fullest. It’s the fact that everyone adores it than other games which are equally enjoyed. The main fact is that people from all ages whether it’s a kid or an old-aged people everyone loves it. It creates a sensation which makes us to stay away from stress and makes to feel happy. Now this game has been played in different formats which are really enjoyed by the fans. The most sensational format being played till date is the world cup match which is played in a thrilling manner. Every team aims at wining the trophy. This world cup is played in two formats they depend on the number of overs which is being allotted to play; twenty 20 format and 50 over’s.

It is organized by the international cricket council which has its headquarters in Dubai, united emirates of Arabia which is the governing head. The ICC world cup is the international one day cricket which is being played by many teams which are grouped into two groups. Each member fights for the first place in the rank and then 4 teams are qualified to play the quarter finals with each other. The wining team of the first quarter finals goes directly to the finals and the losing team waits for the other set of quarter finals and fight with them. From the result two teams fight for the title and the cup which has the highest value. It is held once in four years and different countries host the world cup. There are lots of awards given the players at the end of the tournament with cash awards.

The most sensational moment for the Indians was the ICC world cup 2011 where India won the cup after 28 years. It was like the moment which was taken place in the Hindu epic Ramayana where ram saves his sita from ravanan after 28 years of struggle. The final was played between India and Sri Lanka in Mumbai, India. India defeated Sri Lanka by 6 wickets and won the tournament thus became the first country to win in its hometown. It was the pride moments for those players who had lots of dreams and especially the captain cool. Yuvraj Singh was declared as the man of the tournament of 2011. The Indian caption Mahendra Singh Dhoni has ended up into new six shot called helicopter shot was became famous after the match. Whole Indian was surprised with the finals and there were lots of fireworks and celebrations all over India. Sachin Tendulkar got the highest runs in overall world cup and it was his final world cup match since he retired from world cup. There were many controversies while the match was held and during the final match the crowd was so noisy which prevented the match referee from hearing the Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara’s call while Mahendra Singh Dhoni was tossing the coin. This was the unusual event which has ever happened where the toss was redone.

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