Know How To Play The Basketball

Know How To Play The Basketball

The next most popular game after cricket is the Basketball which is trending all over the world not alone in between Americans even people of other countries started playing it. Slowly it’s getting emerged among the kids as well as teenagers to play it. It is a very simply game where you need not waste your energy unnecessarily instead you need to be very active and alert. It is found by the researches that playing this game not only makes our body healthy but also makes our growth hormone to grow well. It is highly recommended to children who lack height at appropriate ages. There are lots of categories being followed to play this game. People of all ages love to play this game. You never feel bored while playing.

Do you know how a basketball being really played? Know the exact rules and regulations? Know how to play? If not am here to answer you for all these questions. Obviously everyone an even kid knows that it’s being played by an orange ball and a goal at either side which is called as hoop. The main objective of this game is to place the ball inside your respective goals. Basketball is a sport where two teams which consist of 5 members each participate in the game with the aim of shooting maximum goals into the hoop at the given time limit at the regular play. The teams with the maximum number of scores win the match at the end of the game. Each player is classified according to their abilities and positions being played. Before shooting the ball, the ball has to be dribbled and shoot inside the goal or else it is considered as foul. Any physical contact between the ball and the player is found it is considered as the foul. The tallest and strongest player is called as the power forward, the shorter and agile players are called as small forward and the player who handles best ball handling skills are called point guard. It is controlled by the International Basketball Federation which is commonly called as FIBA. It is also called as FIBA world or FIBA international. The term FIBA is derived from the French name called Federation International de Basketball.

There are lots of categories in playing this game. It consists of men’s team as well as women’s team. Now-a-days women’s team is emerging as the popular teams all over the world. Women’s are playing it more supportively than men. It consists of eight member teams which include Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland. The only equipment required for this game is the ball and the court which are the only essential things. There are two defensive strategies which includes zone defense and man-to-man defense. In the zone defense, each player of the team is allotted with the specific area to guard and in the man-to-man defense; each defensive player of the team guards the specific player of the opponent team. A block is performed after a shot is attempted. Play this game today and have fun!

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