Kingdoms Rise: Chasm of Fear Slot Review

Kingdoms Rise: Chasm of Fear Slot Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Kingdoms Rise Chasm of Fear Slot Review

Kingdoms Rise: Chasm of Fear is one the series that Playtech seems to be wagering on and it is a game with the usual dream setting that we are becoming accustomed to but at the same time with an emphasis on pirates. We are being taken out to the sea, searching for treasures but there will be battles to be fought also.

Kingdoms Rise: Chasm of Fear gives 5×4 reels with 1024 different ways to win. It is a game which offers progressive jackpot as usual, alongside its own prizes. Nonetheless, it additionally has prizes of its own that it can convey and they get up to 10,000x the stake. For its features, you get the Treasure Chest wilds with multipliers, scatters and the free spins with expanding reels. Also, it has a RTP of 97.06%.

Betting and Prizes

One of the points of attraction for the slot machines that are in this series would be the progressive jackpot which is found in every one of them. The Epic Jackpot is a definitive target, as it can get into the six-figures go but there are some others that are easier to trigger, such as the Power Strike and the Daily Strike Jackpots.

It is also a slot machine that can pay very well by itself, with prizes of up to 10,000x conceivable.

The RTP is acceptable but it doesn’t come from the game only. Out of the 97.06% that was declared, just 93.06% is offered by the game and the other 4% is offered as tokens which are utilized in the shop of the Kingdoms Rise series or the progressive jackpot. It is something but I would’ve preferred the game to pay better.

Kingdoms Rise: Chasm of Fear Slot Features

The Token is one of the special features in the series. These are little gold coins which show up close to regular images and which you can gather on the correct side of the screen. You can use them to purchase features in the Shop of the series.

Treasure Chest images are the ones that represent wilds in Chasm of Fear. As substitutes, they can be very helpful along the way and particularly so since multipliers of 2x or 3x can be applied by them on occasion but not guaranteed. Only the center three reels can get these wilds.

The free spins are likewise used as major features and they are to be played with an extra 2 lines added to the center three reels. Along these lines, you end up with 4-6-6-6-4 reels in this mode and more opportunities to get winning images. 3,456 different ways to win are utilized here and you get 6 rounds to begin with. However, you can acquired more along the way.

Respins are also essential for the offer, they trigger through giant scatter images arriving on the second column on reel 5. You get a similar greater game region as in the free spins but only one respin.

Theme and Design

Kingdoms Rise features different games that pays focus on a similar dream universe but will flaunt various kingdoms and regions, so every one feels extraordinary. They all appear to have a medieval  feel to them and even this pirates themed title makes use of it. You are seeing a slot which has Treasure Chests for wilds, images giving us Sea Dragons, mermaids, three pirates and gemstones available in various colors and shapes.


Kingdoms Rise: Chasm of Fear slot can be profitable and fun, it has extraordinary graphics and some interesting features. What I dislike about the series is loosing out on prizes, so the game can give you tokens. You purchase access to features with these tokens, so it’s a currency that offers you the chance to bet more, you can’t withdraw, thus the 97.06% RTP that they’re promoting isn’t in the same class as it would sound at first. It is not only regular spins and tokens that contribute, the progressive jackpot has a huge contribution to that value as well.

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