Kinetic and Paddy Power Bring EU- Revision To Dublin

Kinetic and Paddy Power Bring EU- Revision To Dublin

With the Eurovision Song Competition underway that weekend, Kinetic has awakened with Paddy power OM-D Ireland and Micro media to launch a light hearted OOH campaign which calls for an advanced Pop-Up store on Dublin’s Camden avenue which was decorated with bespoke banner featuring ‘national treasure and ambassador for its EU-Revision project Louis Walsh.

To indicate this event, former X-Factor decide Louis Walsh hosted a contest in Camden Corner to whip up some #BrexitRevenge and pick out the winner of the VIP trip for two guests to a private screening of this Eurovision. Orla Cleary in Paddy power claims: ‘To be frank with you, this really was an excuse to adhere on a large picture of Louis Walsh in Dublin’s exact middle, as though it had my bedroom walls in the nineties. Our campaign with Louis was eye-catching and bigger than life — so our OOH strategy was to mirror all of those activities.

And it did, having a Paddy power original execution, and some decent conservative karaoke…’ The effort calls to combine in 1 voice and vote for the United Kingdom to get this calendar year’s Eurovision. Success of the campaign would see the UK crowned as the champions and force them to sponsor the contest and its partners. Building’s use wraps is also a key part of modern day OOH campaigns and when exhibited the reach of advertising is greatly increased.

Paddy power is renowned for their advanced and eye catching efforts and the coverage will be a testament into this position which Paddy power stays from the Irish market. We look forward to dealing with them in the near foreseeable future.”

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