Kidd Booed

Kidd Booed

Posted on September 21, 2015 by in NBA

The bald trainer Jason Kidd, who has returned to the seat of the Milwaukee Bucks, was booed by the fans of the Nets, where previously he had lead them to two finals, one as coach and one as player. As the game started he was booed before the Arena, booed inside when he showed up on the pitch and booed when his name was announced when all of the spectators were saying that he is traitor.

The tem who Kidd was playing against today retired the No.5 jersey that Kidd wore during his career, and nobody could have imagined a scenario like this just one season afterwards. But in his defense after the game he said that this was a business and he remembers and appreciates everything he had done for the team and the team for him, but right now he works for the Milwaukee Bucks and that that’s how business is like.

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Kidd found his job in Milwaukee as soon as he was let off contract from Nets, when Kidd wanted to get above general manager Billy King, but says that they did not had a good relationship ever since December when he was 10-21 and about to be fired. Kidd commented that it helped him to notice with what kind of people he was dealing with.

He and the nets finished 44-38 and reached the second round of playoffs. Not as good they expected knowing the fact that they had Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett as well as the highest payroll in NBA history, but it was a good experience for Kidd, as he says he had fun in that locker room and loved every guy there. He won 7 games in row in the playoffs with them last season. Kidd doesn’t want to speak about hiss transfer and he didn’t wanted to do it on Wednesday as well.

Since his departure from the Nets kid has managed to remain in contact with few of the Nets players and wanting to know how the club was doing. Kid was asked about the proverb that the owned Mikhail Prokhorov put on the news; “Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord has split you.” and said that it’s a great quote but has heard it before in his expense so it’s nothing new to him.

The manager who tried and did everything for the Nets, Jason Kidd, unlike this time when he was booed off at every possible way, was warmly welcomed when he left Nets to join Dallas in 2008. But today he didn’t know, or at least he didn’t care of the reactions of the Nets’ Arena as he walked to the bench and did absolutely no reaction to the Nets’ fans. He said that as a player you develop, get traded and move on. As a coach you have the opportunity to get traded, and you move on. Some teams move on, some still hasn’t but eventually whey will.

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