Kanpai Banzai Casino Game Review

Kanpai Banzai Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Kanpai Banzai Casino Game Review

Kanpai Banzai, casino game which is released by Playtech to release in March 2020. The Design of the theme is based on the Japanese culture and has potential features and functions for the players of the casino. There are many unique options in the game like the symbols and decent graphics increased the importance of the game. The review of the Kanpai Banzai consisted of the reels, payout, betting range, wilds, scatters and regular symbols behave also.

Kanpai Banzai slot of Playtech can be enjoyed through the smartphone by doing betting online rather offline at the casino stations. You must know how to install the software and application to run the game.


It is a good slot with the 5 reels and 1024 pay-lines to release the payout of 10,000x which too much. But, it could be gain by making the combinations and pairs with the help of the alternate at the crucial time. The Return to the Player is of medium amount but no matter for the players. The significance features scatter, multipliers, cascading reels, and regular symbols made the slot very attractive for the gamblers.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting range for the slot started with the low amount to active all the lines of 1024 with only $0.10 but the maximum amount to bet is of  $500 which too high but it is for the rich gamblers who have experienced before to sit the seat of the casino. Payouts depended on the working of the gameplay because most of the hidden functions and features increased or decreased the payout for the gamblers of the casino.

The amount which is fixed by the makers of the game is of 10,240x like a medium one. We have seen the same figure of Return to the Player in a lot of casino games in the New Year of 2020.

How to Play

Cascading Reels are responsible for all the work as this kind of behavior can be only found in the latest casino games. This Cascading reels will remove the lower value symbols to get the highly paid of winning symbols. To get more winning symbols, cascading reels used to trigger again until you made the real combinations to enhance the quality of the features.

To get the wild reels, you have to start with the regular spins option which is too close to the 1st reel of the slot which is the best chance to follow the next option. You have only 2 wilds for 7th Cascade and two to 4 for the features of the 10th wild. All these will increase the number of multipliers and the next functions are also interesting.

Pot Wild is another paid feature from the regular which can be shown on the two to 4 reels. The real alternate can be found when it fell at the right place of the reel to make the useful combo for high cash out. It is not too easy also at this time.

Tasty Fish is the bonus symbol and game also which is to get by triggering the symbols of scattered with the Koi of Golden to increase the prize of bonus.

Online Betting for Kanpai Banzai is easy to play the slot rather than play it physically. Online betting of casino game is grooming in all the nations know like the developing countries where is also a casino station opened recently. Get advantage of this highly volatile casino game.


The theme of the Kanpai Banzai relies on Sushi which is full of food to inspire the people. It is a well-designed slot rather than the others in the market and added all the modern and good looking functions in the slot. The Royals symbols are the part of the slot with the different dishes and wilds with the scatters signs of symbols.


All the slot working revolved around the Cascading Reels and wilds to gain all the expected results. No doubt, all the features in the slot are too good to get maximum from it. It has a high strength to give huge awards to the gamblers of the casino.

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