Juan Fernandes takes

Juan Fernandes takes

Juan Fernandes takes it to the next step

The team Red Jacket of Juan Fernandez Alba is the first leader of Tengolf THE GAME after the first round of THE PLAYERS Championship. Red Jacket dream initialed a premiere with a total of 402 strokes, five less than second.

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Currently we are talking about golf, and the possibility for the game to be urbanized, and how it can make a good impact on the society if it continues to develop the way it started.

The trading volumes were run wild for a second session in Urbas . The developer marks the change of hands of almost 7.5 million shares just three hours after login. Atypical figure, even for a logoff, comes as its two main shareholders prepare greater financial muscle for the listed. In the trading session yesterday, which Urbas increases of 8.33% at the end noted, changed hands more than 35 million shares of the company, one of the highest for the year so far records. In the session on Thursday, it looks like a bulky volume will be repeated, although the comeback price seems more complicated yesterday having reached the mark of 0.013 euros per share, unbridgeable since last March. So that what has occurred has been a correction of 7.7% to 0.012 euros per share Speculation has redoubled value around the new twist that the two major shareholders of the group have given one covenant current financing since 2014 and, since then, has been revised several times . Under this, both Robisco Investment and Nova Lurani, companies linked to Juan Antonio Ibanez , president and CEO of a listed are committed to providing solutions to the liquidity of the company beyond what was agreed at first. The significant event sent to the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) to explain this change reflects that given the assumption of “capitalization of the available balances in the year 2014 and 2015” included in the initial agreement for the establishment of a line credit originally set at four million euros, “the parties have agreed new rules on this line of credit based on cash requirements that become apparent”. However it is not specified what these changes are.

Despite the dominance of Ibáñez both the shareholders and the leadership of the company specified that “was absent from the session” on the board of Urbas gave its good to alteration of the pact financing of the company through a tool that allows loans not included directly in its portfolio of liabilities, easing its complex financial situation seen