JUAN ANTONIO CASANOVA – amazing betting that happened in 1990!

His departure from the first of these clubs was certainly controversial. The reason was the payment of a gamble, but really that was the straw that broke the camel’s patience badaloneses, because the relationship between the coach and players was already badly damaged. No one doubted their knowledge of basketball, but the treatment of Herb Brown with almost every other club members, starting with the players and his assistant, Pedro Martinez, left much to be desired. To begin with , he had wanted to impose very strict rules on clothing (you could wear jeans) and shaving. He wore a Mickey Mouse watch and used to say: . “Mickey says it’s time to leave” . And the coach was leaving and more than once a player who arrived one minute later had to start running after the vehicle “I am ashamed that he is American ” came to confess privately his pupil and compatriot Reggie Johnson, who was not exactly a rare type. One of his inventions was riding a shooting match between the players after training. And one of them, on a trip to Sarajevo in the semifinals of the Korac Cup, the mess was armed, the last, when he claimed that the 3,000 pesetas at stake the pay Miquel Giró, the manager, who incidentally not he took ill, on behalf of the club. The manager refused and the coach went pouting throughout the journey, so to return the club had enough and threw him, paying him the months that remained of contract … and the house of Alella, which continued to live up to the end of the season because the coach and his wife, Puerto Rican, had rented they owned in the United States. The good news is that two years after Herb Brown called Francesc Cairó, strongman of the Penya, saying he wanted to return. With Pedro Martinez, who was only 27 years old and had led the junior club three Spanish titles in his post and Montero and Villacampa as engines, Joventut won that Korac Cup, winning both matches in the final (98-99 and 96-86) to Scavolini Pesaro who ran Sergio Scariolo, also in his debut as head coach in the elite.

The last weekend presented their new sponsor in the match played in Barbastro against a direct rival and won (57-47), what the hold in the second position of the standings. The party was attended by the manager of the sponsoring company to which both the players and the rest of the team, thanked the support the party and its commitment to women’s basketball.

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