Jolly Dicers Casino Game Review

Jolly Dicers Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Jolly Dicers Casino Game Review

Jolly Dicers is the latest game of the Relax Gaming with all the unique features and functions in it. You will not see any options that have been watched before it because the maker tried their well to fulfill the requirements of the market. Jolly Dicers is composed of the betting range, pay-lines, multipliers, symbols, payout and the symbols of many types. You will be amused after knowing the easy working of the game.

One of the best features is that it can be played through the help of the smartphone which is a very friendly option for the players of the casino as the demand online games are more than the offline. It is very easy, and cheap rather than going outside. Here are the functions of the slot.         

Function in the Slot

There 4 to 6 reels in this slot but a number of pay-lines are up to the working of the players because of some complication in this slot. It will pay you with step by step and not abruptly because of having functions of cluster paying. The makers of the game settled well all the symbols and features according to the requirements of the market of the casino. The return to the Player is 96% which is good for these kinds of slots. This is an average slot according to the volatility.

Betting Range and Payout

The betting amount is very important for all the games of the casino because it is the only thing that attracted the people towards the slot. The new players of the casino must think before paying to the makers of the slot. The range of this game is started from only $0.10 to $100 which is very well as per the industry of casino. You can draw up to the 533x which is not too bad for the lover of the casino. The symbols of regular, scatter and wilds added more to your account.

How to Play Jolly Dicer Casino Slot?

Every slot can be by making the combination from the various symbols like the regulars, wilds and scatter to draw the payout. But, it is not easy in all the casino games. In this slot, 4 reels will be a favorite for the player’s casino on the center of the area from 1 to 6 dots and played a very vital role to form the cluster of 16 symbols to enhance the importance of the slot. Wilds symbols have the strength to improve the clusters which will pay you at the end of the working. The alternate options will also a good thing.

There will be 2 symbols of the bomb which will destroy the Dice between then as horizontal and vertically to go to the opposite of it. All the payment depends upon the working of the symbols, not on the functions of the slot.

The symbol of the pistol played a big role in the working of the slot. It destroyed the dice with it to release the jackpot from the makers. The work of the cutlass is the same as done by the pistol but its value is very low than the pistol. Six free spins can be obtained by dropping the real symbols on the reel to make the combinations and find the exact locations also.

The Theme of the Game

The Theme of the game is based on the pirates who are so interested because of the reliable area of the slot. It is the combination of the various symbols which designed very well by the makers of it. Six symbols in the slot played a very vital role because they paid more than the others. The icons of the potions, cutlass, wilds, scatters and pistols have much working for the lovers of the casino.


It is a very nice and charming product among the other slots of different payouts. If you wished to get more information about the new slot then do not hesitate to join this game because it has a lot of features and functions which loved in the past.