John Hartson and his life

John Hartson and his life

It has been all threes in John’s life, years, months and days since he last entered a betting facility and put cash on his favorite team, dog or horse. Those days are finally over, but not because he understood the danger of betting, but because his mind and body had the unwanted reaction to it.

After being diagnosed with cancer, John Hartson knew very well where that came from – from his addiction to gambling. It was ruining his life ever since he started doing that, and kept going until this happened.

He said that the problem is not something that you can see in a short period of time. You have no idea that you are a gambler and you have no idea that you are hurting the ones you love. You feel wonderful, you spend money that you don’t care about, that were meant for your children’s dippers.

The whole family knew about John’s addiction, but he was pointing finger at them for questioning him. And in that one day after endless time of coming home from the casino and putting on a race or a match on a TV that he had several thousand pounds on it, the questions were no longer there, and John’s wife Sarah was nowhere to be found. She had had enough of her husband spending all their money, the star of Arsenal and Celtic had no idea that he is causing trouble to her, to their kid and to the one angel that is in Sarah’s tummy. They left, leaving John to face the reality alone. At that moment, John hit rock bottom. He realized what he has been doing throughout the years, but there is no coming back.

Three years after that he talks about his gambling life, and how he should have been living in a 4 million pounds mansion. But ever since he was 12 years old he found the fruits of slot machines interesting and when his friends would spend the cash on sweets and candy, he would go play and gamble. Sometimes he would win big cash for 12 years old boy and that’s what motivated him to grow into a gambler. As the years were passing by so did his passion grew and so did the betting addiction.

He is now living in a nice small house in Swansea, but he jokingly said that he could have owned a house on the edge of some cliff if he saved all the money he has spent. But that’s life, and all he can do is to give advice to the future generations to come.

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