Jinns Moon Casino Game Review

Jinns Moon Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Jinns Moon Casino Game Review

Jinns Moon Casino slot will get more response than the other game because of the new functions and features of symbols in it. It is the tale of the Genie and magic lamp and related to the slot of the Rarestone which we used in the past. Jinns Moon will provide you all the detailed information regarding the reels, pay-lines, betting range and payout to draw more payment than the fixed. The feature of high volatility and payout posted as per the expectation of the players.

Jinns Moon slot prepared for the persons who liked to play it online rather than to waste time by leaving the house. Online betting adopted the place of the fixed points of the casino from the last 10 years of gambling.

Functions in the Slot

The area of the game is too short than the others as it is just 5 reels in the slot with the presence of the 50 pay-lines. Some of the functions and features created some hope for the newbies if they picked it well at the right time. The medium volatility will be replaced by the working and the RTP of 96% as it is up to the gambler that how he handles the situation. The symbols of the Wild Jasmine, Sticky wilds, Re-spins and the scattered images will cover the area for the gambler to pay them very high.

Betting Range and payout

All the given lines of 50 can be work with the amount of betting which is started from only $0.25 to a maximum of $500. This is a manageable amount for the lovers of a casino as all types of players can use it for better results. While on the other hand, you can earn up to $500. The symbols of wilds and scattered will work well than the past games and the RTP also favored the gamblers because of the good amount in it. Here is the method to play the Jinns Moon casino slot.

How to Play Jinns Moon Casino Slot?

Wild Jasmine symbol will do the role of the alternate and you can put it anywhere on the reels without any problem. While the stacked wilds are also useful and can be found at the center of reels and columns also. Do not lose hope early in working because it is too much prize for the gamblers in it.

The symbol of Moon will act all the roles as it can be used to get trigger features and also helped to make the pairs and combinations to gain the free spins and bonus features also. The progressive jackpot adjusts as an autonomist and a sticky amount to increase the value of the other jackpot for the users of the casino.

From the help of the image of the moon, 6 free spins and more scatters can be availed to get more re-spins by living in the center of the reels. The lower kind of symbols has the strength to change into the highly paid symbols to release a huge prize for all the people who are attached to the game of casino. At the final of the game, 15 free spins are waiting for the gamblers among the 8 free spins also.

The symbol of Lamp as showed in the theme also released the 8 free spins 3 times to enhance the value of the symbol to the highly paid.

The Theme of the Jinns Moon Slot

In this slot, the theme of the game is related to the style of Arabia after a long time with the symbols of Jasmine and Aladdin which amused the players of the casino with the image of princess also. The Regulars symbols and scattered are filled with the carpets, swords, and Royals to fill all the area of the slot. it is so interesting game because of the inclusion of the unique options in the game.


All three main features in this game are composed of highly paid like the RTP and Volatility among the final payout at the end of the game. In the absence of the Progressive Jackpot, there is a chance to get a better result from the product of the Playtech makers.

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