Jerzy Janowicz vs. Gael Monfils

Jerzy Janowicz vs. Gael Monfils

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The Australian Open is full of surprises and great matches, and such match has been the one that we are going to look through played between Jerzy Janowicz and Gael Monfils. This four sets match was the most interesting one on the tournament on this day that brought pleasure and tensed play to the whole stadium where the players and the audience were.

The match was played in five sets where Gael lost it to Janowicz after a terrible fall of the game

Federer said that Gael plays very well, and clearly he could feel that he was not moving or training at all for five days. It was a good match where Gael was better at the end.

Federer thinks he should practice a bit more on this ground before the doubles match on Saturday.

Janowicz said that he is expecting better things this weekend. The 33-year-old said that if it ever was a choice, he would be ready for the doubles match. He came out of the match with Gael Monfils without any pain, and that is good. It’s even better that it wasn’t a 5 sets match and he is not exhausted.

This is the second match of the tournament, and the results are equal for France and Switzerland, where earlier Stan Wawrinka won over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in a four sets match, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3, 6-2.

Monfils did his job in less than 2 hours in his revenge match against Roger Federer after a tough loss in the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open where the Frenchman was two sets up and dropped two match points.

Monfils says that the game at the U.S. Open helped him in the win against Janowicz, where he played the same game plan in both matches. In the U.S. Open it was a very close game, and he knew that it was working, now he played a lot more aggressive tennis and that’s what did the job.

The doubles match on Saturday will be played by Federer and Wawrinka, who won it for Switzerland in the match against Tsonga, where he had a concentration drop in the second set, but managed to regain control and win it for his country.

Wawrinka said that he would not be able to win the match if he stood on the base line, therefore he played aggressively and got out on the net. He scored 25 points at the net, and a stunning volley to win the match. He then pointed with his index finger to his head (his new celebration gesture)

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