Jeffery Taylor suspended 24 games

Jeffery Taylor suspended 24 games

NBA commissioner Adam Silver decided to suspend Charlotte Hornets forward Jeffery Taylor for domestic violence. This does not include in him paying anything but just missing 24 games, after a destruction of hotel property last month.

The good news for Taylor is that he will get credit for the 11 games he had already missed, so he will have to spend another 13 games off the field, around one-fourth of all the 82 NBA games this season.

This will cost Jeffery Taylor about $267 000 of his $915 000 salary that he would have gotten this season if he wasn’t acting like a drunk teenager. The NBA commissioner Adam Siler announced on Wednesday that Mr. Taylor has done something that the NBA cannot accept, and it has to pay the price so that the NBA can remain a moral and standard institution.

Taylor will have to complete a 26 weeks domestic violence intervention program.

Charlotte Hornet’s manager, before Wednesday night’s game against Indiana, in an interview said that the NBA association has informed them about the suspension and that they understand it and supports their decision this time.

The whole story goes that on Sep. 25 he and a woman whose name would like to stay anonymous were having an affair in the East Lansing Michigan hotel, and as they were drinking and being romantic an argument escalated and they became lauder than it is supposed for a human being to be, going out of the hotel and taking the argument and fight on the hallway. There Taylor hit the woman and as she fell down she hit her head on a room door. Other eye witnesses claim that he caught her arm and threw her on the ground, followed by a punch on the wall making a hole in the wall next to his hotel room. The medical checkout confirmed that the women had broses on her arm, and few bumps on her head, but she declined the medical treatment that was offered to her.

Taylor was arrested by the East Lansing police officers, and he also has to go to an outpatient alcohol treatment program where he has to perform daily tests for alcohol for 60 days. He is also sent to several other programs, all in the prohibition department. At the end he has been given a program where he has to perform at least 80 hours of community service. This is, and will stay as it is if Taylor meets all those requirements and conditions. On the other hand if he fails to follow at least one of those programs, he will be given further tasks which will not be as easy to be completed as these ones.

It is interesting, that this accident happened in a time when domestic violence is present around sports landscapes throughout the U.S.A. and it is not the first time that Charlotte Hornets have had this kind of trouble with their players.