JackpotBet Card Games


This game is one of the most popular games on land based casinos. The game which called twenty-one involves a player and a dealer of which the two compare cards. The game is now available on online casino with almost all of its features are the same as was with the land based versions. From your computers, you’ll get the experience of playing this amazing game. In the game, decks of cards are involved. The cards in the deck are 52 in number. Jackpotbet Casino has made it possible for you to enjoy this game from your PC.

The game is offered in two types of platforms one in which the player gets to play on the online casino website while in the other the online casino offers applications in which the gamblers get to download first in order for them to play. In playing a player has to reach 21 points with the first set of cards they get. They are then to reach a higher score not more than 21 all while the dealer hands them the cards. Just like the version on land based casinos the online game allows multiple players to get involved

Punto banco is the other name in which Barracat is known. The game is known to be very popular in land based casinos across the world. The game now comes in and online platform enabling gamers to play the game in the internet. All the three types of this games are available which are mini Barracat table, midi Barracat table as well as the big table.
The rules of these game are similar as to that of the normal land based Barracat but with a few alteration depending on the online casino providing the game. On the table on the screen on is provided with 8 decks of cards with the each card character with value denoted on it. The online casino provides free plays for new players to familiarize themselves with the game.

Video Poker

This is one of the exciting games available for gamers in the online casino. It combines the thrill and excitement of the land based casinos and the great video development to provide players with a good gaming experience. The rules are much similar to the land based video poker where players pay in terms of coins into the virtual gaming machine on their computer monitors. After doing so they are given cards that one uses to play.

Online Poker

Poker also is offered by the online casinos. An example of the poker game available in most on line casino is Three card poker. A greater advantage of these online games is that the rules on how to play them are of great similarity as how the game is played on land based casinos. There is also Pai Gow poker available on the online casinos. Depending on the casino the games could be played on the websites or on downloaded applications but of which all require an internet connection.

How good it Jackpotbet? The casino uses state of art technology where they have a good simulation of the games. The graphics and sound are in High Definition and makes you feel as if you were playing in a real land based casino.