Jackpot Raiders Slot is Uncovered in Yggdrasil Casinos

Jackpot Raiders Slot is Uncovered in Yggdrasil Casinos

Yggdrasil Gaming has recently released Jackpot Raiders, a video slot that is inspired by hit action-adventure properties such as Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider, and Uncharted. From this point on, the Jackpot Raiders slot will be accessible for smartphone, tablet, and desktop users of Yggdrasil casinos.

Character Selection

Jackpot Raiders stars her partner Sir Bear Buckingham along with heroine Sam Campbell. Throughout the game, the gamer could possibly reach pick their personality. Sam is appealing because of her rewards that are high, however she will have a reduced success rate. Bear has rewards paired having a success rate that is greater.

The slot plays in the limits of an old temple filled. From the overall game play, the task of jackpot Raiders will be always to make sure symbols are fulfilled across the 20 paylines after which to get winnings.

Themed Bonus Games

These could be triggered with three scatters, if it has to do with the Jackpot Free Spins. The slot even offers for targeting the Forgotten, Rare, Mythical, Ancient, and Legendary pots jackpot Gems that may be useful. It is going to take five jackpot stone in total to win a jackpot. These can be collected one at a time while aligning base game logos.

Jackpot Raiders centers on an expedition into the Sunken City. One of those stained features is the Pick & Click side-by-side game. Players spins and complimentary need to pick to potentially find maps and Sunken City relics, for example, treasure-hunt Bonus Game.

From the Treasure Hunt, the participant has to choose from Sam or Bear. Once the match begins, they are exhibited a 2D screen with three challenges rated as Safe, Risky, or Very Risky. The winnings are displayed for each, however failure may probably render the winnings uncollected.