Jackpot of Yggdrasil Slot gives players 3.3 million euros

Jackpot of Yggdrasil Slot gives players 3.3 million euros

At Christmas, a million-strong jackpot at a slot to clear away, this year certainly have many players dreamed. And if you’re honest, most hope for it all year round. A good luck has made with a jackpot at an Yggdrasil slot but the Christmas gift of all time. For the lucky slot player won but in fact two days before Christmas the jackpot on progressive jackpot slot Yggdrasil Slot Joker Millions cleared. And this pot really had it in itself.

A millionaire at Christmas

Become a millionaire at Christmas. This sentence sounds almost like a Christmas tale, but it has come true for a player at Sunny player Casino. The lucky guy was still playing a round at the Progressive Jackpot Slot Joker Millions by Yggdrasil Gaming and then won the big jackpot on this highly doped slot. To be precise, the fortune won 3,291,513 euros and that with a game use of just 2.50 euros. So he has not only won a lot and can now call himself a multimillionaire. This lucky winner has really multiplied his game use really well. And at home on the PC become a millionaire, not everyone can and must first imitate him.

Highest profit on the Joker Millions Progressive Jackpot Slot

The player with the Jackpotgewinn at the Joker Millions is really the greatest luck that has ever been at Yggdrasil so far. Because it is already players at this Progressive Jackpot Slot cleared the huge pot. But as far as the fortune spoiled two days before Christmas, no player has ever won this slot. Since March 2015, the previous sums of money have been EUR 460,000, EUR 720,000 and EUR 2.9 million. For the fortune, this is certainly another reason to rejoice.

At Yggdrasil one is glad about this news

That the news that the jackpot was cracked, the joy of Yggdrasil is a big one, of course. Finally, the software producer is happy about the fact that the players not only get a lot of fun, but also win a lot of money. The CEO of Yggdrasil Gaming, Frederik Elmqvist, is delighted that another player has managed to break the jackpot on this progressive slot. Finally, this jackpot slot is the first jackpot slot of Yggdrasil, which has come onto the market and that it is still so popular with operators of online casinos and with the players, speaks for itself. But most importantly, because this life-changing profit was so close to Christmas, Elmqvist is really happy. And Elmqvist is also sure that the jackpot at the Joker Millions will again be high. After all, more and more operators offer this slot and more and more players are playing at this slot.

Also in the Sunny player casino one is proud

As the CMO from Sunny player, Alexander confirmed, one was also very pleased with the fact that a player in this casino has made the big profit. It is for Sunny player, a daughter of iCherry, the first time that the casino has won so much in one fell swoop. And there can be no better advertising for the casino. Finally, it shows that anyone can win if he only takes his chances, as Alexander explained.