It Is Draft Time!

It Is Draft Time!

Jackpot bet online is presenting the draft of the NBA’s future great stars. Don’t miss the action and see which player was chosen by which club.

Fulfilled this forecast, it would be logical that the Lakers posted by Ingram. Mayor puzzle will from ‘pick’ 3 (Celtics). From that position the range of candidates for the remaining seats of honor grows considerably.

o doubt the two big pieces of this draft and two very different players, who have also traveled different paths in college: Ingram has gone through the roof at Duke, Simmons has lowered its cache slightly (number 1 of all consensus twelve months ago) in Louisiana State. Simmons, for now, does more things but does not score Ingram out. And the shot is crucial in today’s NBA. Still, the first bet is for the former tiger : fast, elastic and with an amazing vision. Unstoppable if you start to develop a jump shot five or six meters. Some prefer the Ingram option for a team that also comes Saric and (probably) Embid, but Simmons has star quality (still developing) and is Australian. And Brett Brown, the coach of the Sixers, spent 17 years of his life in Australia, where he met his wife and where he worked and made links with the national federation. So no one knows more than he Simmons and his opinion, so know, is really good.

The Lakers have it easy: there are two better than others and not have to think, whoever does not want to Philadelphia for them. From there, see what they do with their pick. If it had been 3 options include a possible transfer (Paul George …) were very high. Now it remains to be seen but Ingram is a very appealing option : 2,06 forward with excellent size you have to learn to defend but will score much from day one . With a major release, fry outside the smaller defenses and speed breaks the fattest. Paints weapon of first magnitude, would fit with other young talents of the franchise (Russell, Clarkson, Randle) and have already compared to Kevin Durant. For that: very suggestive.

Bosnian Croat origin, 2,15 and 18 years with the absolute profile European player like it in the US and will eventually be chosen very high, as in the number 3 and recruited by Celtics that can give much use to a player characteristics. Still very green (5.5 points and 7.3 rebounds on average in four Euroleague games with Maccabi), of course you are going to compare with Porzingis and something there, but better now place him in the wake of another large old continent: Andrei Kirilenko. With huge potential both in defense and attack, it is very up on the run from number 3, very open beyond Simmons and Ingram. And the Porzingis factor counts a lot, of course.