Is Ray Allen really the best shooter in history

Is Ray Allen really the best shooter in history

Jackpot Bet Online analyzes the figure of Ray Allen and five other great NBA shooters to reopen the debate about the most outstanding pitcher of all time.

Nothing would be understood in modern basketball without the aid of triple. Prize for so many players and punishment of a few zones, the play of three points is the offensive pillar of multitude of equipment to the length and width of the planet. Whoever dominates the arts of the exterior shot becomes a personified treasure, very specific dexterity. Only a select few are trained to enter the select club of the best shooters there and there. The vast majority are in the NBA, which summons the throw of three since 1979 and today weeps the withdrawal of its best triplista exponent by telling us of the statistic: Ray Allen, 2,973 ‘bingos’ through.

SPANISH takes advantage of this farewell farewell to try to discern who could be the most outstanding shooter in history. In addition to Allen, we were left with four other players who would fit like a glove in the description. There will also be time to present to our particular European sixth man and several mentioned of honor. To open your mouth, we leave our survey tuitera with the four most significant shooters that appear in the article. If you are undecided about whom to vote for, here below are a few arguments in favor of each.

Ray Allen in his last professional match two years ago. Andy Lyons Getty Images

Why we like : retiring as a player with more triples written down in history speaks volumes about his legacy, with long distance shot a protagonist always full of records from the 7.24 race. It remains the decisive triple in the sixth game of the finals of 2013. It signified the overtime, victory of the Miami Heat and the ring in the seventh.

Milestones triple jumpers : more triple scored in regular season (2,973) and attempted triples (7,429); Most triples attempted in a playoff game (18, tied with Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard and Klay Thompson); Most scored in the playoffs (385); More triples in a match (8), a half (7) and a quarter (5) of the finals; More tries tried in the All-Star (7); Champion of the contest of triples of 2001; More triples in the Milwaukee Bucks during his team career (1,051), one season (229) and one match (10); Plus three-pointers scored (269) and attempted (653) at the Seattle Supersonics; Best percentage of success in triples in a season with Boston Celtics (45.3%).

Honours : two rings champion (’08 Celtics and Heat ’13); Three golds with the USA (Universia ’95, JJ.OO ’00 and FIBA ​​Americas ’03); 10 times All-Star; Once in the second best team (’05) and another in the third (’01) of the NBA.

Triple more symbolic : the game, set and match ringless left the Spurs in 2013.