Irish football team is ready to take revenge on France in the upcoming match

Irish football team is ready to take revenge on France in the upcoming match

The republic of Ireland is the one of the team qualified in the Euro cup 2016 foot ball tournament and have been giving best performance so far. They were receiving praises and acclaims from the best team. Iris foot ball team has best players who fought well in all the struggles they have faced in the previous games of the Euro cup 2016.

Iris is set ready to give their better performance in the upcoming match as they have passionate games last week but could not make their best in the last game. So far it is good going for the team and they are getting ready to defeat France in their home town. Defeating the team in its own ground is the best feeling ever and Iris team is aiming for that.

The France player in the Euro cup 2010, in the match between Irish and France has made some fluke games and tricks to cheat the game and to delay the goal. Which made Iris team to lose the cup in a minute. This is really painful for the Irish players and fans and supporters of Irish foot ball team.

In the year 2010 Irish have given their best ever and have been the one of the toughest team who gave tough competition to the opponents. But unfortunately despite their best performance they could not make it in that year.

The coach of republic of Irish says that he doesn’t think that the past bad incident will impact the current game but perhaps it is possible. The coach says that the team is ready to take the game in their hand especially upper hand and defeat the opponent. The team has planned to gain the lead from the beginning to tire out the minds of the opponent France so that the players of France team will not be able to give their best.

News channels and news papers say that fans and supporters are expecting the Irish players to take revenge and defeat the host in the home country which will quench the thirst easily. The fans and supporters are sure that the players will not forget the incident and take game in their hand with passion to defeat the opponent.

The main strategy of Irish team is to start the game forcefully and never give the chance to the opponent to gain the lead. Never miss the goal chance and never become tired mentally. They aim to be strong in the mind both in the field and off the field before the game and on the game.

Football makes even the friends to become rivalries and this is true in case of players, supporters and fans of the team. It is not about the sport but it is about how sportive the players and fans are about the game.