IO Casino Game Review

IO Casino Game Review

IO casino game is going to enter the market in June 2020. Most of the functions copied from the Cygnus game. There is a lot of space in the theme of the slot machine. The users will have much time to cover all the situations of symbols behavior. The review of the game will tell you all the hidden and outer instructions of the IO game. It has some risk for new players in the casino. The working of wild symbols will play a vital role for gamblers.

IO game can play with the help of a cell phone. The users must know the required application and software to run the game. Online betting will give you more jackpot than the fixed casino point. Here is the detail of all the main functions in the game.

Functions in the Slot Machine

It has only six reels and 4096 pay-lines for all the areas of the game. The payout will give you much excitement. The location of wilds symbols and scatter are very important for the entire player. We have a reasonable amount of Return to players in the form of 96%. IO has very medium volatility but payout removed the lower value. You must work hard to win the entire jackpot in the slot machine. The function and feature will not depress the wagers of the casino.

Betting Range and Payout

The amount of betting is available at the bottom side of the screen. It is very essential to pick the best pair for unlocking all the symbols in the slot machine. The range of betting started from only $0.20 to $100 that is good for us. While on the other hand, you can maximum win 5000x awards at the end of working. There is not any sign of progressive jackpot but RTP is just reasonable for players. Most of the rewards will come from the working of gamblers. Here is the working of the IO casino slot machine. We are giving you only pre-instructions about the game. It is not sure that you will win all the prizes after knowing the detail.

How to Play IO Casino Slot Machine?

We have a very small area at the start of the game. IO will start work with only 6 reels and four rows. You can make all required symbols and combinations through the help of wilds symbols. The number of pay-lines increased from 4096 to the 262,144. Pick all the necessary symbols and images at the right time. Gamblers will have to drop all the symbols on the reels to gain trigger options at the spot. The lower value symbols changed into higher values. Wild symbols remained there till the end of the game. These are the only images that will never erase always.

The Player has an option to prepare all combinations and alternate through the help of wilds symbols. It is not too easy as told in the instructions of the game. A lot of free spins and bonuses will come to your side after triggering the button. The symbols of Wild Forge converted to the Wilds Charge at the same time. Wilds of Charges have four works in the slot machine. They will spread to gain regular symbols and wilds. Online betting is never too easy because of complicated work. You can get real experience at the fixed casino stations. Here is the informative detail of the theme of the IO slot machine.

The theme of IO Slot Machine

The theme of the slot machine has consisted of graphics and various images on ii. There is a lot of areas which are good to play with different methods. The interesting features in the slot are the sci-fi theme symbols list for users. You can find the Planet of Bonus and Wild logo in the game. The other symbols are the lucky 7, Diamonds, Clover, Stars, and beautiful royals in the space. IO theme is quite different than all the past games of casinos.


IO is ready to cover the market of the casino with a lot of attractive features. It has very high potential in it. The entire player would not like to play this game because of having risk in it. We hope that the maker will get some positive results.