Interesting news about

Interesting news about

Interesting news about NHL and the growth of the game

Rick Fox, a former basketball player and winner of ring NBA champion three times with Los Angeles Lakers, is one of the personalities who are committed to the world of eSports. A few months ago he founded his own team League of Legends, Echo Fox , born from the ashes of Gravity, showing interest in e – sport, to the point of extending Echo Fox with a team of Counter Strike. Best of all this is not that a big star is interested in eSports, but is acting as his ambassador to a number of athletes who have taken to invest in various professional teams. Just a couple of weeks Shaquille O’Neal (ex-NBA), Alex Rodriguez and Jimmy Rollins (baseball players) announced its investment in NRG, one of the top teams in League of Legends and Counter Strike in North America. In addition to monetary injection and the media momentum means that people of such importance eSports invest in a ‘damage’ collateral will also be a greater presence in media communication less common. An example of this we have seen a few days ago when TMZ asked at the airport of Los Angeles for their relationship with eSports. In addition to revealing that he and Shaw had spoken before eSports, the portal also dared to ask how long it will be before eSports outweigh any of the major sports in the United States. “It’s happening right now, (eSports) are fifth now we’re in fifth place, will come,.” Said Fox Not content with this, and after being pressed to give a date, Fox ended the betting. “In two years, will be on par with the NHL, “(ice hockey) he said.

After the returns of Formula 1, Major League Baseball and NFL, the Sports Institute of Mexico City and is eyeing ice hockey as their next big bet; will be the National Hockey League organization with which we will seek to capture the attention of the capital fans in the near future.

“The proposal being made by the Government of Mexico City to bring international events includes a variety of disciplines, because we are now talking about baseball, but we had already Formula 1, Formula E, NBA, soon NFL, and surely the coming year we will have NHL, are closing agreements with them , “said Horacio de la Vega , director General of Indeporte .

If this operation is realized, it would be confirmed one of the best stages for physical activity in the formerly Federal District , or at least that is what it purports also a former Olympic athlete with his team. The ambition is such that it is expected to exceed all previous to the current management harvested achievements.

“We seek to make a historical era in this period of government, which in six years has done what has never been done in the sport of the city, and people recognize the Mexico City as the capital of sport, added De la Vega, who sees the arrival of professional hockey as the ‘cherry on the cake’.

“Since we only need the agreement with NHL , everything else somehow already have. What we will be driving a lot in the following years is cycling, and try to catapult back to Marathon Mexico City to be one of the top 10 in the world , “added the manager.