Interesting experience

Interesting experience

Interesting experience for legend Kobe Bryant and his last all start game

All-Star Game in Canada was the first outside US soil, but will be remembered after leaving Kobe Bryant and the records that were set in splendid night in Toronto. Kobe scored only 10 points, the audience wanted to be more on the floor, or on the finally it was enough for a standing ovation. However, he lost his first place of eternal list in the number of points to the All-Star matches, Lebron, who scored 13 points was overtaken by one point, clearly, this difference will grow in the future, as the “King James” for a long time to be here.

Second time in a row Russell Westbrook has obtained the title of MVP-io, he scored 31 points, had 8 rebounds, 5 assists and steals. Kari has counted to 26, the last three were from a great distance, when put an end to the final result 196: 173 for the West.

Most effective in this veritable flood of points was Paul George with 41 points. He scored the equalizer Vestbrukov number of points from last season, but he kept Ras MVP title because the West was won with the sword. Before the match we saw a tribute to Canada and its basketball roots (after James Nesmith was a Canadian), a toy has introduced the legendary Steve Nash. the anthem of the host sang Nelly Furtado, and then honored Bryant, he played on 18 All-Star games, the only one who has more appearances is Jabbar. as we said, the West has dominated, in this decade, they get five of the six matches . At half time was 92:90 for the West, breaking the record of 89 points at the break. Other records? The total number of points in the game was 369, which is more than 321 from last season, In addition, never East, not West did not achieve more than 163 points per game, are now both teams broke the record. Let’s say that Westbrook is only the second man in history to defend the trophy, Bob Petit did it in 1959.

Let us add that Paul George was the only point of it to even the score record of Wilt Chamberlain in 1962 by the number of points, but Greg Popović put Drajmonda Greene to prevent the collapse of the legendary Wilt. In addition to Anthony Davis was waiting in the paint to prevent the entrance.

However, George has a record, he scored 9 triples, mainly as a player succeeded, firing a total of 19 times for the three points. Of course, it was thrilling play dunks, point out that we said Kari put the trio from a great distance. Canada has won a show that she wanted a starting tomorrow starts it seriously, the race for the playoffs.