Injury making the player in football to quit the quarter – finals matches

Injury making the player in football to quit the quarter – finals matches

Rossi is said to be a very great player in the football game and this player has acquired an injury recently. This injury has made him take rest and the latest news says that this player will not play quarterfinal clash with the great Germany who are said to be the world champions on this Saturday. This is the news which is been announced to the public by the great medical staff who is named as Azzurri and it greatly disappointed the fans of this famous player. The people are saying that it will be a very great drawback for the Italy team and people are really shocked with this latest news which is been released by the great medical staff in the Italy. It is found that De Rossi has been a great rock solid for the side of Antonio Conte and it is because as they greatly upset the pre – tournament predictions which were found to be moved to the top group E position then it is found to be sweeping down defending the champions of the Spain in this Monday.

The announcements are saying that this great player is severely suffering from the very serious injury in the right thigh which is because of the accident which he faced during his game play and he picked up in the win over of 2 – 0 in the great Spain. The team doctor of Italy who is named as the Enrico Castellacci has announced that the great midfielder in really not likely to return to the clash in time on this Saturday in the land of great Bordeaux. People have started giving more comments related to this issue and the great Castellacci has informed that they are highly trying hard to make everything to make simple and he also said that he will make the process of the treatment to be completed in time before the match and also he said that he could not give any kind of prognosis.

This made the make many serious comments like the loss is highly significant for the great Italy and the team and they are highly trying to secure the semi-final berth in the great tournament in this Euro cup football 2016. This made the people remember about the other great player who is Candreva who has also obtained an injury in the hand after the impressive game between the Italy and the great Belgium and it resulted in 1 – 0.

The players and the fans are highly waiting for the quick recovery for the player and it is expected that this player will come to the throne very quickly and all people are expecting the match to be played with the presence of this player in the team.

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