Injuries in NFL match

Injuries in NFL match

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in NFL

It is something that has happened so many times before, and it is not good for the NFL community overall, but is good for the reserve quarterback and their chances to show what they have. We are about to see a duel of bench quarterbacks in the match between Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans on Thursday night. The match will be live on NFL Network.

Blake Bortles will not be part of the Jaguars and it is time for some of the reserve quarterbacks to show what they are made of.

Bortles, who played all the minutes in the game on Sunday against Baltimore ravens, was sacked eight times. The Jaguars lost the game 20-12. With that game, the rookie Bortles was sacked 48 times this season, and holds the second place in that record in NFL.

Jake Locker who plays as the 1st quarterback for the Titans that are facing the Jaguars now has suffered a small arm injury and there is no way that his health is going to get risked for one game.

It is that time of the year where more matches are being plaid and injuries come more often, and here is a proof that there are more than you think they are.

Let’s see some more injuries in the NFL that we have managed to track:

1 Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall received foot injury and is expected to be out of the field for at least a month to 5 weeks’ time.

2. Ryan Lindley of the Cardinals will replace Drew Stanton after this dude got shocked by an enemy player last Sunday game and will be on rehab for the next 2 weeks shortest.

3. Bruised lung is what will keep the left tackle Russell Okung out for a month but the bad thing is that his team were unable to find a suitable replacement for him, therefore an experiment in tactic will step on stage and try to flip the rotation to bring a more experienced player on his place in the rooster but in other spot on the field.

4. Mike McCoy confirmed that linebacker Donald Butler has dislocated his shoulder and is now in the team’s hospital for rehab.

5. The Eagles will have to count on Mark Sanchez in the center again after Nick Foles again is out of the question after failed to be match fit the next game.

6. Mike Smith has said that his team, the Falcons, are out of options in the cornerback position as Smith has prolonged his injury and is expected to get back on the field after three weeks.

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