An incredible chance! He wins three video poker jackpots for $300,000

An incredible chance! He wins three video poker jackpots for $300,000

A professional poker player managed to win a $100,000 video poker jackpot. To do so, he managed to beat a score of 40.390 against 1 by touching a royal flush. But this is not the most impressive. This player is not at his first try since he has just completed a summer where he has won the same jackpot three times, with the same combination.

From June 16 to August 19, Kyle Cartwright played five high stakes video poker sessions. He managed to win the max bet three times, bringing his summer winnings to $300,000.

Touched by grace three times

Kyle Cartwright is perhaps the most lucky video poker player in the world. It takes a chance on 40,390 to hit a royal flush and Kyle did it three times in two months. Even crazier, he had the miracle combination at heart each time.

Apart from the luck of the player, it is also his relentlessness that has been rewarded. The pro poker player plays video poker at high limits. He only plays with the max bet, $125 per hit. Before each jackpot won, he was at a loss on the session. Naturally, the jackpots have greatly profitable it’s come to the casino. He won the first two in Las Vegas and the last in Tunica, Mississippi.

“It’s obviously crazy to win $100,000 on video poker. Not once, not twice but three times in the space of two months. I had to touch 6-7 Royal Flush flushes in my player life in seven years. Touching three out of five sessions is absurd. ”

The well-hung portfolio

It is indeed absurd to face so much luck at the same game and in such a short time. But it’s also necessary to have the portfolio well hung because Kyle was ready to suffer significant losses before touching the jackpot. History proves that he was right, but that does not mean that it was necessarily a good idea.

“I do not know the exact amounts for the first two in Vegas but I’m pretty sure I was at $7,000 and $9,000. So it’s a profit of $93,000 and $91,000. For my last in Tunica, I was losing $2-3,000 before I hit the jackpot. ”

Seeing this summer completely crazy for him, it is more than likely that he will lose a few thousand dollars to this game, trying to repeat the feat. One can only wish him to know to stop in time so as not to lose everything…!