In the 888casino a piece of New Year Interrupted get off

In the 888casino a piece of New Year Interrupted get off

Even if you sometimes feel that somehow other people always get a little bit of the cake and for you at the end never something remains, then there is now good news for you. Because at the 888casino you get something from the cake, if you want it. The casino has a new action for a great start into the New Year and gives everyone who wants to join a piece of cake. And depending on whether you want it, it does not have to stay with a piece of cake.

The New Year’s Day is ready

At the 888casino you can pick up a piece of the New Year’s Day. Until 8 January 2017 this cake is ready for you at the 888casino and you can be rewarded. What exactly is behind the New Year’s Day is quite simple. Just pay at least 20 euros in time until January 8, 2017, in a flash, of course, and use the NYCAKE bonus code. Then the New Year’s pie appears on your screen and you can turn your bonus on this cake. Between 15 and 40 percent up to 400 Euro you can get as a bonus to the start of the New Year. In any case, you will get something from the cake if you deposit at least 20 euros. But you can also secure ten pieces from the New Year’s Day. Because up to ten times you can still use the bonus code NYECAKE and then turn ten times at the New Year’s stadium to get a bonus between 15 and 40 percent. Finally, participation is possible once a day.

As a special highlight, you will not only receive a deposit bonus at the New Year’s Day. You can also get the biggest piece of the cake with a bit of luck and get an Instant Free Play of 888 Euro. It is also worthwhile for you to participate in all the remaining games and to get up to ten pieces of cake. So there is also every day a bonus, which is not synonymous everywhere is the order of the day.

There are also bonus conditions, of course
No question, the action of the New Year’s Day at 888casino can be very profitable for you. After all, you can pick up a deposit bonus every day. There are, of course, a few bonus terms that you have to fulfill so that you not only get the bonus, but also get the winnings from the bonus as a payable credit on your Casinokonto. The action with the bonus code NYECAKE applies until January 8 at 23.59 (GMT). This code must be entered if you want to participate in the bonus action. For deposits of at least € 20, the promotion is valid, which you can use once a day. Within 90 days, you must have implemented the bonus or the Free Play 30 times. The Free Play is available to you as bonus credits. You also need to use the Free Play within 14 days, otherwise it will expire. In addition, there are a few other bonus terms as well as the general terms and conditions of the 888 casino. But surprises are not there and the conditions are obvious for you at any time.