In preparation

In preparation

In preparation to Euro 2016, ESSA and ARJEL harmonize Integrity Partnership

The French regulatory authorities together with the ESSA have signed an integrity correspondence in the lead of Euro 2016 patronage. The agreement is based on people who might want to bet illegally. These two parties will be exchanging information frequently on mistrustful betting. The two parties will protect sports regulated betting market places and consumers from match-fixing threat from those who are betting illegally. Both parties are committed to do anything to protect every group which is involved in Euro 2016 from suspicious betting.

Mike O`Kane who`s ESSA chairman said that they are very beguiled as they work with ARJEL. He continued by saying how important the agreement between the two parties was important. This means that a lot on international entropy will be shared between them not leaving betting operators who are regulated. This will help fight illegal betting. He conclude by saying that the key objective of the ESSA in tackling betting associated corruption is the establishment of cross-sector partnerships., because it is the best and most effective means so far.

Charles Coppolani, ARJELs chairman stated that the key part of council of Europe Convention is and was always to protect sport and take on corruption in sports. Thus the exchange of important on formation and international cooperation with companies that bet is also part of it. He continued by saying that the agreement between the two parties strengthens the betting unity or integrity in preparation of Euro 2016 which is by far the biggest sporting event. The event will take place in French soil.

Charles coppolani conclude his statement by saying that ARJEL is committed to protect ethos and pleased to work with organized stakeholders such as ESSA. On match fixing policy assemblies, IOC and lastly Council of Europe, ESSA holds some positions. ESSA was also involved in some discussions which were aimed in handling betting associated match-fixing in all sports. Latterly, it has released Q1 2016 integrity statistics. Player education program together with an international project are the major programs ESSA is dealing with. The international project is known as “Keep Crime out of Sport”. The program is funded by European Commission and is chaired by the Council of Europe.