In Live 888casino there is something to pick up in January

In Live 888casino there is something to pick up in January

The New Year has begun and how could you celebrate it better than with a bonus. The 888casino has probably also thought, so that in Live Casino all gambling customers or those who might wish to become one, invites you to pick up a great bonus with the Winter Live casino action. And also all normal Casino players of the 888casino are perfect for the bonus and should be addressed. Up to € 8,000 are available at the bonus for the guests who use this promotion. Why should you refrain from doing this as a customer of the 888 casino?

Bonus code can be used 16 times in Live 888casino

Get ready! January 2017 is very stormy in the live casino of the 888casino, at least if you want to. Because there is a bonus waiting for you, which has it in itself. Or would you rather say that bonuses await you that will enchant you? With the bonus code LIVE WINTER you get 25 percent up to 500 Euro on your deposit. And this winter bonus is really hot. You can use the bonus code not only for a deposit. The 888casino has in fact probably thought that it still would be nice for you, if you really start the New Year out. That’s why you can use this bonus code 16 times. And if you use it to the full extent, then wait so a total of 8,000 euros as bonus credits on you. If you do not have a smile on your lips, it is your own fault.

Available throughout January

Of course, you do not need to rush to use the LIVE WINTER bonus code as often as possible. The 888casino will give you the whole of January, so you can use the bonus code up to 16 times until February 1, 2017 at 23.59 (GMT). This keeps you flexible and does not get stressed. Who wants to finally have stress while playing in the live casino and also at the beginning of a new year? Just use the bonus code up to 16 times within a month and enjoy the benefits of having a bonus at your disposal.

It is quite easy

In order to enrich yourself with the bonus code, you do not have to do much. Simply pay at least € 20 and enter the bonus code LIVE WINTER. Then you only have to use the deposit amount three times and you will be credited with the bonus of 25 percent up to 500 Euro. And the bonus conditions, which besides the general business conditions still exist, are also very good. The 888casino does not ask you any miracles.

Use the bonus amount simply within 14 days after the credit to play. Otherwise, he forfeited. But who wants to have the bonus credit accumulated in the account? You will then have to redeem the bonus 30 times 30 times, and your winnings will also be credited to your casinos account. And the best thing about the bonus is that you can do it not only in the live casino, but also in the rest 888casino. You can find out exactly how much the sales conditions are for a game, simply go to the 888casino. But so much is said once, in the conversion of the bonus amount are above all the normal Casino players in the advantage. In addition, there are still a few other things that you have to fulfill, but as I said, no miracles are required in the 888casino.