Importance Of Cricket

Importance Of Cricket

Playing sports is not an easiest task; one should need to work hard to play sport and also regular practice for playing sport is must. This alone makes a student into a complete and a perfect sportsman. This is must for a sports person. Not only practice is need to before becoming a sports person, but also it is need after becoming a sports personality. This alone makes a sports person to keep his position at the same level. Cricket is a good sport, which is the most played sport by the normal people; all the people enjoy playing cricket. They are addicted in playing the game. In this way people are making themselves in involving them in betting. A betting is done when a team is playing the match. The betting is involved between a two people or by two groups or by two countries that are supporting two different teams. Betting is mostly involved in the IPL cricket match are Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians, Knight Riders, Kings XI Punjabs. These are the teams which are involved in the IPL cricket, in which betting is taking place. Betting in this sport is highly taken place by the common people. People are involved in the betting when the IPL match is going on.

ICC Cricket World Cup For The Year 2015

In the ICC cricket world cup is going on in this period. Watching the ICC cricket world cup is very interest. In which India stands in the first list with all the other teams of the world. In which Ashwin kumar of India have got the best batsman award for two times, in is a real proud for the Indians and also especially for the Tamil Nadu, because he belongs to Tamil Nadu which is a state in India. In the ICC cricket world cup Ravichandran, Rohit Sharma and the best batsman who have got the award for 2 times have hit away the players of the UAE and won a good scoring in the match. The latest news in the world cup is that the Pakistan has won the match, in playing with the Zimbabwe. This is a great victory to them. On coming Friday that is on 6th march in the ICC cricket world cup, the match is going to be held between the India and West Indies. The finals are going to be held on 29th march. Each and every people of the world are waiting themselves to watch the finals match. Winning the trophy of the world cup is not an easy task. But also the players are doing their better best to win the cup and bring pride to their country. The people of the world are very waiting eagerly to see that which team is going to play the match on the finals. The match is become very interest after the quarter finals, after the completion of 4 of the quarter finals it paves the way for the people to enjoy the semi finals match.

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