ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Review – Who will win?

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Review – Who will win?

After a long delay, ICC is ready to schedule the T20 world cup once again. Due to the disease at the international level, all the matches shifted to the United Arab Emirates from India. Let’s see which is the best team. All the teams tried their best to create history once again. West Indies is the only side that can spark once again. Their player is doing best in the West Indies versus Australia. India, England, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies and Pakistan are the most prominent side in the short event. Here is the detailed review for your more assistance.


If we look into the past facts and figures, we have seen that Australia is the only side from which all the big teams still hunger. Their players did well before and after the World cup. Unfortunately, they did not hold the nerves at a crucial time. These are the only things that help the viewers. West Indies claimed the two cups in the whole event. Most of the West Indies players showed some dangerous performance for the viewers. Andre Russel, Lewis, Hytmyer and his companions are ready to rattle the hopes of others. In cricket, for only 20 overs, things can happen at any time.

The Indian side is the best side after the West Indies and Australia. They have a complete batting lineup to destroy all the hopes of others. No doubt, there is some issue in the bowling department. All the bowlers have to know the responsibility at a crucial time. Otherwise, they cannot win a title. Let’s see what is going to happen in the most critical game. We predicted the behalf of the past facts and figures. There would not be any responsibility if we failed in the end. Here are the tips and expected winner news for the viewers.

Tips & Expected Winner

All the data have taken from official sources. England, India, Pakistan claimed one title in the last ones. West Indies is the only side that can do altar than all the others. Most of the players are in good form to perform under pressure. Bowling is the only headache for the home side. The pitches of the United Arab Emirates are best for batting. So, all the Asian sides have a chance to do best than in the past.


No doubt, all the matches shifted to UAE, and it is a main problem for the Indian side. But, there is not a big change in the United Arab Emirates pitches and Indian pitches. They loved to do bat all the time. You have to ready to face any results at the end of the day. West Indies and India are the best sides of all the others. The chances of blue shirts are more than others. West Indies is on the 2nd spot after doing best in the last series.