ICC Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup

SOS Children have generated a choice of Wikipedia posts for schools since 2005. SOS mothers each look following a family of sponsored children. The ICC Cricket World Cup is also the premier global tournament of men’s One Day International cricket. The event is coordinated by the sport’s regulating body, the International Cricket Council, with preliminary eligibility rounds leading up into a finals tournament that’s held every four years. The championship is the world’s 4th largest and 4th most viewed sporting event. In accordance with the ICC, it’s the most crucial tournament and the pinnacle of accomplishment in the sport. The first Cricket World Cup competition was organized in England in 1975.

A different Women’s Cricket World Cup was held every four years since 1973. The finals of also the Cricket World Cup are contested with ten Test playing and ODI playing countries, together with a few other countries that qualify during the World Cup Qualifier. Australia was the most successful of the 5 teams to have won the championship, taking four titles. The West India along with India have won twice, while Pakistan along with Sri Lanka have won once. All the states except for Kenya who’ve qualified for semifinals are full members. The 2011 variant has been the first one not into have a Super 6 or Super 8, rather it had two teams and the four toppers of every group met in the semifinals.

The 2011 Cricket World Cup were cooperated by Bangladesh, India, along with Sri Lanka from 19 Feb to 2 Apr 2011. 14 nations participated in the tournament. Nevertheless, the first accredited test match has been played in 1877 between Australia along with England, along with the two groups competed on a regular basis for The Ashes in subsequent years. South Africa was declared to Test status in 1889. Representative cricket groups were selected to tour every other, leading to bilateral competition. Cricket has been also included as an Olympic sport in also the 1900 Paris Games, where Great Britain defeated France to win also the gold medal.

This has been the only appearance of cricket in the Summer Olympics. The first multilateral competition at global level has been the 1912 Triangular Tournament, a Test cricket championship played in England between all 3 Test playing nations at that time! England, Australia and South Africa. The event has been not a success: the summer has been exceptionally wet, making play hard on damp uncovered pitches, along with attendances were poor, attributed into a surfeit of cricket. Starting in 1962 together with a four team knockout competition known as the Midlands Knock out Cup, and continuing together with the inaugural Gillette Cup in 1963, one day cricket grew in popularity in England. A national Sunday League was founded in 1969. The very first One Day International event was played on the 5th Day of a rain aborted Test match between England along with Australia in Melbourne in 1971, to fill also the time available and as reimbursement for the frustrated crowd.

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