ICC cricket world cup 2015

ICC cricket world cup 2015

Cricket is one of the popular games all over the world. ICC is the short form of international cricket council. Cricket is played with in one day and if there is, any problems arise, because of natural calamities the game comes to draw. In no case, it will be postponed to next day. Over lakes and lakes of people are watching this game. To play this game, each team needs eleven players. Cricket has a great impact on the people of the world. All the age group of people is madly addicted to this game. The people support the term, which belong to their country. Cricket originally originates in England. The first world cup was played in the year 1975. Cricket is continuously played and organized by the ICC in once in four years. Each country has a team of eleven members, which represent their country for the game. The winner of the game will be passed on to the next level.

India has won 2-world cup since 2015. Indian team against Australia won the last world cup. However, Australia is the country, which won more number of games in the world cup cricket. However, sachin tendulkar is one of the famous bats man in the Indian cricket team. He scored the maximum number of runs against the other player. The current world cup was started on 14th of February and the final match is on 29th of March. Totally 49 matches are planned to be played with in these 45 days. 14 teams will take part in this world cup.

If the team won more number of games, then they will get a chance to get in to the final. The team who won the final world cup cricket will be the winner of the ICC cricket world cup. This year the world cup final is hosted by New Zealand and Australia. Both the countries join and host the game. The final world cup cricket will be held on 29th of March in the Melbourne cricket ground. The present ambassador of ICC cricket world cup is sachin tendulkar.

The ICC cricket team has announced new rules for one day international. They announced that there should be only four fielders in the 30-yard circle, during the entire match. They also give restriction that there should be only two fielders in the first 10 overs. They can have three fielders outside the circle during batting power play. The ICC allows two new balls for the bowling side and allows two bouncers per over. All these rules will be an advantage for some countries and will be a disadvantage for some countries. The game depends not only on the batters but also in the hands of the bowlers. If the bowler gives lot of runs in his over, then it will be very difficult for them to win the match. On the same, way if the bowler got more number of wickets then he will be the man of the match to win the game. Hence, if we concentrate more on bowling, definitely we have more chance to win the game.

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