ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Cricket a bat and ball outdoor game established during 16th century in England. Cricket is played by hitting and fielding. The recent talk among youngster is ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. The Cricket world cup is the one day international match and is organized by International Cricket Council (ICC). The first tournament is organized during 1975 and hosted by England country. The Cricket world cup match is played prior to every four years. The Cricket world cup is held and organized by England and later the organization was shared between the countries. Women’s world cup match is held before men’s world cup tournament. The world cup tournament start from qualification round to final round. There are nineteen teams are participating in world cup match. Each team as 11 players and played at the centre of the ground. Coin tossing is held before starting the match between the captains of the team. The winner of coin tossing as right to choose either batting else fielding.

The format of playing Cricket world cup match is qualification and tournament round. The test match playing countries are qualified and directly play tournament round other countries must undergo preliminary test qualification round. In 1992 the tournament is played by eight countries and each is four countries is divided into two team. Each country in one team is played in round robin group stage and top two countries are selected to semi-final round. The winner of the semi-final will face the opposite team winner at the final round. Later in 1996 the each team is expanded into six countries. There are many format followed during 1999 to 2007 world cup match. The recent world cup 2015 follows seven countries in each group and round robin method is followed. The four countries in each group go to quarter finals, semi finals and final round. The trophy is the award for the winner of the final match. The trophy is made up of gold globe at the top and silver gild with three columns. The trophy column represents the stumps and bails and the globe represent the world. The trophy is designed and made in London.

The most successful team in world cup is Australia which made hat trick win. The last tournament is held in 2011 and the winner of the match is team India. The most run scored during world cup match is Sachin Tendulkar from team India and most wicket taken is by Glenn McGrath from Australia. The 2015 world cup match is hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The total team participated in world cup 2015 is 14 countries. The format played is knock out and follows round robin method. The match starts on 14th February 2015 and final match is on 29 March 2015. The full member countries are England, South Africa, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. The other countries are Ireland, Afghanistan, Scotland and United Arab Emirates. The final match will be held in Melbourne and semi final match will be held in Sydney and Auckland. The Australia host 26 matches and New Zealand host 23 matches which are decided in 2013. Media play important role in live telecasting and updates the current event.

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