I can learn a lot

I can learn a lot

I can learn a lot from Guillermo

Pavon wants to be the historical 7 7 and, after several good appearances without confirmation, stay with the job. Tomorrow will again hold the Cup.

-If. For Saturday recommended that I was always open to receive the ball in the best way and that was also stuck to the line to face, reach the arch and try to convert or pull the center back. I used to have to learn a lot. In Boca it is not easy to have the 7 number which for years belonged to one Guillermo Barros Schelotto and if this were the NBA would be hung on the top of the Bombonera and nobody could use. Cristian Pavón is the fourth in putting that shirt and, from what he did against Rafaela, a good apprentice customs of who now is his coach.

Boca since early last year, when the leadership was surprised by his pass and put 14 million pesos, Pavon had several fleeting appearances. The first newcomer was in the summer of 2015, until he was injured by Vangioni. And the other, between April and May with a goal to Lanus and River another, for the local tournament. But after he weighed in superclassic title of the Libertadores and that meant their disappearance for a long time. Above, at the start of this year, his luck did not change. On the contrary, it got worse: February 8 sprained knee that kept him out another 60 days. But this stage, and with the Twins, the began to be recovering from the recent 3-0 to Rafaela, the player Guillermo both expected to impose his idea wing attacks, floods and daring. All this gives Pavon. And there is no doubt: 7 found her in July.

‘For much of the game you were open to the right even though the game, most of the time, was on the other side …

Yes, the coach is asking me. It is for me to redeploy if the computer is not comfortable for the left sector. That I can deal hand to hand or throw the center back. Open play is what he was asking of us.

The low level of Palacios and the use of three forwards, something the Basque stopped doing when he returned Tevez, gave him time to Pavon to catch 100% physically and seize as GBS kept him after not seeing responses equipment. Since his arrival, it was a classic hear phrases such as “centers are prohibited from throwing shit” or “doing things fast is not to make any bullshit”. Pavon heard, captured and Saturday met. Tomorrow, before Bolivar, will be the far right. And your challenge is clear. To stay within the team, something that was not lost on previous occasions, either by slumps in performance and injury “Last year no continuity and so I pulled the preseason and putting up almost to be within the team. Today they are giving me the opportunity and I want to take it . Individually try to do the best for the good of the team , “he said.