Hyper Blackjack at the ICE in London

Hyper Blackjack at the ICE in London

At the ICE Totally Gaming in London, many great and especially new games are presented. This year too, of course, this was no different. With the presentation of the new game Hyper Blackjack, Hyper Blackjack Holding OU has also presented a brilliant innovation to the public at the ICE and shows what can be done from the blackjack table game.

Unimaginative novice was the sparking spark of the inventor

Thorsten Pietschmann is not only the general manager of Hyper Blackjack Holding OU. He is also the inventor of the new blackjack game, which is certainly very interesting. He came to the idea by a pure coincidence. For when Pietschmann explained the game with his rules to a beginner, the question arose as to what the additional game really meant. After all, there is no real connection with the main game. And already the idea was born to Hyper Blackjack. Pietschmann thought up a new game, “made sense”. With a bet aimed at the card’s final value, the new game Hyper Blackjack was born in its basic features.

Still to the design file and already it was complete

No game without an appealing design. Thorsten Pietschmann, after the invention of the basic idea, of course, also found that he had to provide Hyper Blackjack with an appealing design to create a really new and great game. After all, even with the simplest board games, there is even an appealing design. Thus, this was also implemented and thus a kind of quantum leap. As Pietschmann has already correctly recognized, there are always innovations and innovations in the slots. The table game, on the other hand, has become less advanced and new things are seen rarely or not at all. With the Hyper Blackjack, Pietschmann also sees a new form of classic blackjack, which can be particularly appealing to first-time visitors of Casino.

Hyper Blackjack means stylish design and lots of fun

Tension until the end of the game, even if you have lost the actual game already. This can certainly only offer the fewest games. Hyper Blackjack is one of those few games. Because in this game the tension with the player and thus also the nerve Tickle remains still high, if one has already lost with his deployment to the box already long ago. Finally, bets on the final value of the dealer’s hand, which really maintains the whole nerve Tickle to the end.

In the Hyper Blackjack, Pietschmann, of course, sees the possibility of rejuvenating the classic blackjack and thus giving this casino classic a new boost. The success of the Hyper Blackjack Holding OU, which is based in Tallinn, Estonia, remains open. But the chances for a successful start with the Hyper Blackjack are certainly not bad. After all, this new type of blackjack game is very special and promises a lot of fun in theory. With players the idea is therefore also good. Something new in the table games can increase the popularity even more.