Howard still unsure

Howard still unsure

Howard still unsure when will be back

After being out of the pitch for few games now, Dwight Howard, the Rockets’ forward, is still unsure of where he received the injury, how he got it and how long will he be out of the matches. He just knows he has an injury and that it really hurts. His right knee is getting the PRP treatment in hope of healing the knee and getting back on the ground as soon as possible. It is the same treatment that Kobe Bryant received on his knee in 2013, and how the platelet rich plasma therapy caught the eyes of the giant Dwight Howard, who decided to go for it after missing the Wednesday’s 98-92 loss against the L. A. Lakers and Kobe Bryant himself.

Dwight Howard’s absence is felt in the Houston Rockets, as now they received their second loss in row, something that wasn’t around when Howard was playing. They had 5 games in the opening season with more than 100 points in, and since the November 8th they just did it once, and their score is 3-3 since then. And things are not going for better as they are hosting the No.1 offensive team in the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks, and without their All-Star stopper Dwight Howard things are not going to be so smooth for the Rockets.

Jonathan Feigen of Houston Chronicle says that Howard is working hard so that he can return to the pitch as soon as possible, and that is, to be ready for the Dallas Mavericks game, but the coach Kevin McHale is saying that he is probably out for this game.

Howard with some good words for the therapy explained how he feels better and the break did come in right time for him, so that he can get rest, and come back stronger to continue the good performance of his team. He is trying to clear some of the stuff, and does whatever he can to get back on the floor, hopefully against Mavericks, but still doesn’t know how the therapy will work, so we will see.

The platelet-rich plasma therapy works in a way that the persons’ blood is put in a centrifuge and spun to the point where the platelet-rich plasma is separated from the rest of the blood and then the plasma is injected back in the injured part of the muscle. It is also known by the name of platelet rich protein therapy, as the Rockets athletic trainer Keith Jones confirmed their forward is taking.

Howard added that he was in a lot of pain after the Memphis game, there were bumps and bruises throughout the knee after the game. Howard thought it will just pass the next day, but the opposite has happened, and any movement with his right knee meant excruciating pain. He commented that he is feeling a lot better now, and that the therapy is doing a good job. It is left for us to see when he will be back in the game.