How trustworthy are online betting companies?

How trustworthy are online betting companies?

The art and game of gambling and indeed sport betting has since its inception been ridden with the plague of mistrust. Bookkeepers are seen as greedy con artists who are ready to swindle the dollar out of anyone that passes their way. When it came to the land-based bookies, they spent hours and hours creating the appearance of professionals within the society so as to save their reputation. For their business to thrive, the average bookie had to be seen as an upright and outstanding member of the community

Fast forward a couple of years and online betting sites are all the rage. One by one, the old round the corner bookies have been phased out and replaced with an online system bearing no face or identity other than that of the parent company. According any amount of trust to these companies then becomes a real concern.

The bigger online companies put a lot of work into building trust. These are the companies you will see giving sports sponsorships and making their community service projects pompous and loud enough to be noticed. They will make sure that the support they offer sports teams does not go unnoticed. These guys are in it for the long-term and therefore will do everything in their power to ensure that their name and brand is out there on the lips of people.

On the other hand, there also exist companies whose sole purpose is to scam the unwary punter. They will trick you into giving them some sort of information and then steal from you all your cash and leave your bank account empty. Some of these go as far as stealing identities once they have acquired enough personal information from their unsuspecting clients.

A careful assessment of a company is needed before you decide whether or not they are reliable.  Common red flags include sketchy web design, errors and misspelling on the site, lack of licenses and flashy too-good-to-be-true offers and promos. If in doubt, simply turn away.