How to earn money with Cricket Betting

How to earn money with Cricket Betting

Posted on June 3, 2024 by in Cricket

Cricket betting has not received the best of audience in comparison to betting with other sports. But on the recent times, there are cricket betting tips in the media that would help punters bet on cricket and earn some money. The main reason why many have not invested on cricket is the bad press tied to it. There has been cases of match fixing scandals. This has a negative impact on the appeal of the game to bettors and punters.

But this seen a dynamic change as the news on bans on players like Ajay Sharma, Danesh Kaneria, Salma Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir who have all received life bans on the sport in matters related to spot-fixing and match fixing. This has brought hope to cricket betting because before this cricket bettors did not show any interest in cricket betting tips. But after being shown the profitability of cricket betting on the Test match cricket, ODI and other matches punters are now investing.

With the right information at hand you can make much money through cricket betting. But if stuck and not sure on where to start, here are some tips that would help you start off.

Always check on the recent results.

Putting your money on the team with the best form is only the right decision to make in any betting activity. But with cricket there are two forms of forms to consider, this is the individual forms of players in the team, for example the batsmen and bowlers. Since this is a team sport, then teams form and recent wins and losses are of much important to consider.

The format of play

With cricket all matches are not the same as they are played with different formats. Depending on the format, some matches may last in a few hours while others take several. This will thus favour different abilities of different players and the team as a whole. Therefore some formats may favour a particular team and not others and knowing this would help in decision making.

Effect of the pitch

The type of pitch the game is being played on has much influence on the results of the game. Having the information on the pitch on which the match will be played on has a great influence on bet too. Different pitches will affect results of bowlers. If it’s flat, dry with no bounce, then the batting side will have more runs. If the pitch has grass with cracks and uneven bounce, then the batmen will have a problem here but would favour the bowlers.

Having information who made to the starting eleven.

Always gather enough information on the players that are available to play on a particular match. This is because presence or absence of the team’s best batsman will influence the performance of the team. The players are normally unavailable due to calls to international duty, transfers or injuries.

There are also other factors that are of great importance when making the bets. This include the toss, weather, head-to-head form and results, the dates the matches and the mentality of the players.

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