How Spanish coach

How Spanish coach alludes betting on his boys

Vicente Del Bosque took the presentation of your Campus to review today of Spanish football, which in recent days revolves around the controversy of the stellate. “I bet unite, not disunite, by binging and not separate in every way. If we want a Spain better bonded. An example of this is the selection. We are a united group and we win together. We are a diverse team, but he joined both victories and defeats, “he said.About the final of Copa del Rey, Del Bosque also spoke calendar that could affect Seville: “Will they be more tired Maybe, but the calendar is a very complicated issue Sevilla has spent years doing things right and?. have to enjoy what they have won. they are an example of how is the Spanish football and its values. ” When asked about the Champions League final, the coach would not say who looks favorite. “I can not squeeze me, I see no favorites, I can only say that they are two teams that deserve to be there, each with its style Top important is that you enjoy and represent our football, “he said.They could not miss words on the selection and Euro which will begin next June 10.. “We have the obligation to win, we are obliged to do things right then, other teams may be better or luckier After World Cup in Brazil’ve seen some disaffection to the team. it’s normal, but we want to return to our level, “he said. Who asks about the list, he replied: “.. Not perfect, there is no perfect list Many could have come but can assure you that I have no privileged anyone or private sympathies Those, to me, are the best” . Fernando Torres and Diego Costa” Fernando Torres said that the Champions League final is the biggest game? I do not see it as an answer against me. With me in the selection always did well and the Milan match will be a fantastic match.” Asked about the exclusion of Diego Costa was clear: “It ‘s not a matter of attitude or state of form, for me has had a good season but I decided to choose other players Fernando and Diego could have been.”.Del Bosque also wanted to commend Lucas Vázquez after a specific question about Real Madrid player: “It is very good in the one against one, we can give speed and is good with the ball he can bring a lot to our team against closed equipment and. also backlash , “he said.