How Betting Bonuses Work

How Betting Bonuses Work

It is likely that many of you have heard of betting bonuses but do not know exactly what the bets consist of. Do not worry, we’ve all done a comprehensive compilation, exclusively, for you.

Bonuses with deposit when registering

It consists of receiving, just for registering, money for bets. Or what is the same, you will not have the need to make a first deposit to get the amount. Once the bonus is obtained, the safest betting houses that give away this welcome bonus will ask you to bet on the sport that you want that money. That yes, in a certain amount of sports bets that they will fix and over a predetermined time previously stipulated.

Welcome Bonuses

It is the most popular and used bonus. And, most of the big bookmakers usually offer a gift amount of money once you’ve made your first deposit. These bonuses are usually given by offering 50% or 100% of the first deposit we make. In the same way, the amount will depend on the betting house in question, which means that the amounts range from a minimum of about 10 euros to even a maximum of 250. This time it is also a requirement to meet a certain number of Bets before you can withdraw that money.

Promotions, real money bonuses and free bets

It is common for bookmakers to make special promotions that will usually coincide with some important event; Final UEFA, Champions, etc. These opportunities go through to make a concrete bet on the event in question. Only then will we get the house to give us a bonus whose conditions will vary according to the promotion.

These bonuses offer promotions with real money and others with free bets. The type of bonus we will receive will depend on the betting house in question. Therefore, we recommend that the first thing you must do is to be well informed and read the conditions of the bond to make sure.

On the one hand, “real money” betting bonuses work exactly the same as the money we enter. In this way, by entering the bonus automatically we will, of course, have more money in our account. On the other hand, we observe free bets, also called “Freebet”. These are substantially different. And is that with this type of bonus we will only get the money that we have obtained when betting. That is to say, if we bet € 100 on a bet at 1.50 and we are right, the money that will come to our account will be the € 50 profit we have obtained and not the € 150 we would get in the case of having made a bet with real amount .

Reward betting bonuses

These bonuses are offered by certain bookmakers to their customers. The modus operandi is simply to offer an additional bonus when the customer enters a certain amount of money. The most common is that this amount is a percentage of the income that will have a variable established limit depending on the bookmaker we select. On this occasion, it will not be possible to remove without having fulfilled the conditions imposed by the house.