A housewife wins an online jackpot of $315,124

A housewife wins an online jackpot of $315,124

Wanting to spend a bit more free time and snatch a jackpot of $315,124 is the perfect sequence that a housewife experienced a few days ago. Debra K, registered on the online Slotland casino, managed to win the sum of her life by playing on the Open Season slot machine. This slot that shares its jackpot with several other site games rarely gives more than $200,000, which makes the chance of this player even more beautiful!

After the gain, the projects

Less than 15 days ago, Slotland’s staff witnessed an incredible boost on the Open Season slot machine. Debra K, a regular on the site, managed to unlock the maximum jackpot of the game with a gain of $ 315,124.

According to him, Debra K had been playing on the site for a long time and has managed to earn great sums of money over the years. However, this last 6-digit gain is by far the most important that it has known. She was planning to release a little more free time when her life fell on Slotland.

The one who is still struggling to realize this dream session is now full of projects and has said she plans to go on holiday with her whole family after organizing a huge party with her loved ones. Part of the earnings will also be set aside to cover the expenses of the home and pay for the children’s education.

New record on Slotland

It is rare that the Open Season machine makes so much money in one go. Its progressive jackpot that is shared with other slots of the site is climbed to unusual heights and has attracted the attention of many players of the site. Snowball effect forced, one that rarely exceeds $200,000 reached $315,124 before being swept by Debra. It took him a $5 bet to win this jackpot.

This $315,124 gain is the absolute record for the Slotland platform at the moment. Congratulations to the player and the casino!