Hotline 2 Slot Review

Hotline 2 Slot Review

Hotline 2 is one of the exciting slots of NetEnt. Most of the functions and features belonged to the 80s.  Hotline 2 will share a lot of information about the given reels, pay-lines, images, betting range, and final jackpot. After a long time, the makers posted decent features into the slot as per the casino market requirement. No doubt, there are some previous symbols to get the balance in-game. We have trees of pal, pleasant weather, ocean, and other great option in the slot machine.

Hotline 2 can use as online as it has all the smartphone-friendly options. Online betting snatched a lot of market by giving a positive environment to the players of the casino. It would be best if you got some practice before sitting for high profile slots.

Functions in the Slot Machine

There are five reels in the slot as usual and 243 pay-lines to face all the betting pairs. You have to expand all the regular and wilds symbols on the reels for getting maximum results. We failed to provide high volatility and restricted to only the mean level. On the other hand, the maximum potential and payout decreased all the problems for an experienced player of gambling. The amount of RTP is 96%, which is not too bad here. Here is the betting range to open all the functions of the Hotline 2 slot.

Betting Range and Payout

The range of betting played a vital role in all the slots of the casino. We cannot start work before paying something to the makers of the slot machine. It started from only $0.30 to the maximum of $150 that is not too good for all the players. They tried to balance the game for all users of gambling. Moreover, you can gain some triggers and free spins to add more payout to the real ones. While on the other hand, the amount of RTP is 96%, and 5184x payout increased the value of the game versus others. Here is the complete detailed method to play Hotline 2 Slot.

How to Play Hotline 2 Slot Machine?

We know that there are five reels in the game, but only three used in working. We can choose the symbols of wilds and scatters to fall on the middle three reels of the slot. The wilds symbol will start to spread on the reels to make pairs and combinations for high cash. While on the other hand, we have to pick these symbols for other work. One thing takes into account that the role of symbols will change than past games. All the lower value symbols turned into valuable through the scatters options.

After landing scatters symbol on middle reels, only seven free spins can pick.  If you succeed in dropping the wilds symbols on the Hotline area, no one can stop you from winning a lot of multipliers and jackpot. More than six numbers of ways will be available, which leads to enhance stacks to 1944.  The game’s title is the functions of the game, which used to arrange three wilds on the reels. You have availed of this chance for getting more and more triggers. Online betting for any slot could prove a risk for players: the more experience, the more chances to win the gambler’s jackpot and prizes.

The Theme of Slot Machine

The layout and design of Hotline 2 showed some images of Miami Vice. There is a look of the 80s, which made the theme very attractive. The trees of palm and city streets are the other things to enhance the quality of the game. The symbols of scatters and wilds created a lot of chances for a user to make combinations. The style of retro and impressive layout is enough to see the final rewards. Overall, you have an average chance to draw free spins and prizes.


It is the best slot from all the games of series in 2020. Having all the decent graphics and rewards, you can fill the pocket by doing well in the working. I suggest not worrying about medium volatility and other lower values. The entire new player must stay away from these kinds of slots.