Hotel Avala

Hotel Avala

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Hotel Avala with big casino problems

The management contract for the casino in the hotel Avala, who concluded any holding company and Casino Avala, no illegality, said proxy Turkish companies, lawyer Luka Popovic.

He said he was also agreement on the management in any way affect the relations between the company Casino Avala and Beppler and Jacobson.

It is the biggest hotel and casino mansion on the Balkans, where almost all of the big businessman and cambling passionate lovers went to try their luck and to experience the 5 star hotel and it’s best included – in casino, where they can enjoy the most recent casino games, roulettes and card games.

Popovic said that the agreement is not provided to any holding takes place casinos in the lease, but it provides management services for the casino.

“No holding to their knowledge and experience, using its brand Merit Casinos and promotion of casinos abroad and bringing a large number of players in Montenegro, in partnership with Casino Avala doo contribute to business casino Casino Avala”, said Popovic in responding to allegations of lawyers Beppler Zoran Piperović published on Wednesday.

Piperović said the company Casino Avala, whose owner is hiding behind offshore companies can not issue room at Avala, as the company has represented a final decision according to which they must vacate the premises. He noted that the Beppler last month received requests from companies Casino Avala which sought to grant replacement carpet and wall paper in the hall.

“A company that some leases do not know that this space is not owned by those who gave them a lease. The area in which the casino is owned by Beppler and Jacobson, and they need to come out of it, but not to the Turks enter into someone else’s. Therefore, any contract that they concluded with the Turks is illegal and if you conclude and the Turks and all records will be handed over to chief prosecutor last minute Milivoj-story house, “said Piperović.

Merit Casino Montenegro


According to Popovic, Net Holding is a company with high standards of business, listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, under the control of the Turkish Committee on Capital Markets and is obliged to publish all information relevant to the business.

“So, any business holding company is under constant scrutiny of the Turkish regulatory authorities, public and 30,000 shareholders, and the company’s affairs are always in compliance with all relevant regulations. The business activities Net Holding in Montenegro there is no question of any illegalities, to be wrong to conclude from the text on which state act “, said Popovic.

Net Holding has already advertised the opening of its new casino in the hotel Avala, as well as in the hotel Montenegro – Hilton Podgorica.

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