Hot to Burn Casino Game Review

Hot to Burn Casino Game Review

Hot to Burn Casino Game is the latest slot of the Pragmatic to amuse the players of the casino with the decent options and functions for them. It is scheduled to release in May 2020 for all the players of the casino as online or offline. The Review of the game is composed of reels, pay-lines, multipliers, symbols, payout and multipliers which gave detailed information to the users of slots. The features of free spins, design, and layout would give some benefit to the customers of the casino. Here is the basic information about the product step by step.

Hot to Burn slot is helpful for the online players because they can enjoy it at home without disturbing their daily routine. Online Betting is rising day by day due to friendly behavior for the customers.

Functions in the Slot

This is the only slot of the same developers which have the same numbers of pay-lines and reels like the 5 to cover the small area of the slot. The lower option in the slot and feature will leave the gamblers in trouble because they wanted a high payout and outcome from it. The makers of the slot have a reasonable amount to decrease the tension of the users with the 1,000x payout and the RTP of 96.71% which is not too bad in these kinds of cases at the international level. Here are the betting range and payout exact figures.

Betting Range and Payout

The range of betting has a huge difference between the smaller amount and bigger because it started from only $0.05 to the $250 which is the huge gap between the 2 figures but all the 5 lines would be cover from these options. While on the other hand, the winning amount of 1000x would be the great prize if the player handled the slot very well. The Return to the Player which is more than 96% is always impressed with the wager to do bet for the slot. The presence of the symbols and free spins would gain more and more for the casino lovers.

How to Play Hot to Burn Casino Game?

It is very difficult to make the combinations and pairs by the help of the given option in the slot and no one can get free spin from Hot to Burn casino game by alternate the symbols f regular with the other. There is also not any special feature in the entire slot which would be responsible to give all the option to the user of the casino. Without the presence of the scatter symbols, you can not avail of the option of the triggers.

If anyone wanted to win the slot, he must know all the background of the game because new players and the farmer would like to leave it because they do not like to go into the trouble time. The best choice for the newbies is to leave this slot and wait for the next which could be better than it. The online method to play this game is also against the friendly features in the Hot to Burn casino game.

The Theme of the Slot

The theme of the game is of classic type with the addition of the foods and common features that have been seen many times before it. The experts of the casino said that it is not too easy to control the functions of the game. The symbol of the star will act as wilds options while the 7 Lucky have to play the role of the trigger to release the jackpot. The other remaining symbols are the melons, plums, lemons, and cherries which can be found on the given area of the slot. Hot to Burn is not an easy task for the users of the casino because of some complications in it.


The slot of the Hot to Burn is good for the classic players of the casino due to the presence of the common functions and features in it. The Return to Player is about to 96% which is an impressive figure in any casino game but not too high while the payout for the gamblers would be the cause to choose it.