Hot Bingo Game Review

Hot Bingo Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Hot Bingo Game Review

Hot Bingo is a Video Bingo game.Activate up to 4 cards, that can be toggled ON/OFF by clicking on the cards individually. Press NEW CARDS to change the numbers on all the cards. Press PLAY to initiate the round. 33 balls will be drawn from a total of 90 balls. Winning combinations will be shown on the cards.

Trigger the EXTRA BALL feature after all 33 balls have been released, when only 1 ball is required to complete either a DOUBLE LINE (2L) or BINGO pattern. Up to 9 EXTRA BALLS can be purchased. The cost of each EXTRA BALL is specified on-screen.

Trigger the BONUS SUPER LINE feature when a LINE (1L) pattern is achieved with 18 balls or less. All winnings will be multiplied by either: 2x, 5x, 10x, 30x, 35x, 40x or 50x.

The JACKPOT is awarded when a BINGO pattern is achieved with 30 balls or less. To qualify for the JACKPOT, all 4 cards must be active with a minimum BET of 3 coins per card.

Are you feeling hot? You will be when you try our new scorcher of a bingo game Hot Bingo. Just like classic bingo but with a few twists, Hot Bingo is a great new way to enjoy a timeless game.

Hot Bingo allows you to play with up to four cards, meaning 4x the opportunities for you to win; each card contains 15 numbers ranging between 0-90, and no card will contain any duplicates.

Once you’re ready to go 33 random balls, also between 0 and 90, will be released and any winning patterns on your cards will be marked off.

But that’s not all. If you are only one ball away from a 2-line pattern or a bingo pattern, then you get a chance to purchase yourself some extra balls and get a chance to create more wins.

Hot Bingo also contains a great bonus feature, Bonus Super Line. If you create a 1-line pattern with 18 balls or less, you’ll trigger the Bonus Wheel which will give you for options: 2x Multiplier, 5x Multiplier, 10x Multiplier or Level Up.

If you get a multiplier, it’ll be applied to all winnings but, if you get a level up then you’ll another Bonus Wheel that’ll beef up your multiplier options! On the second wheel you’ll have a chance to get 30x, 35x, 40x or 50x multipliers applied to all winnings.

If during the game you have all four cards in play and the minimum bet is satisfied then if you achieve a bingo pattern with 30 balls or less you’ll also trigger the jackpot for a big win!

So don’t delay, raise the temperature with Hot Bingo!

Number of Cards: 1-4
Number of Coins per Card: 1-20
Number of Patterns per Card: 8
Denominations 1  

0.25, 0.50, 1.00


Default values are bolded.


Minimum Bet: 0.25
Maximum Bet: 80.00
Maximum Exposure: 16628026
Probability of Maximum Exposure: < 1 in 10 Million
Volatility: 5 – Medium
Free Game Support: No
Return to player configurations
Default RTP 1 96 95 94 2 90 2 85 2
94.89% 94.89% 93.24% 91.66% 89.48% 85.64%

1 Default values may vary depending on the market.

2 Not applicable for operators licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Paytable represented as a “x total bet”.

Pattern Payout
4 Corners 1
1 Line 4
2 Lines 100
Bingo 1000

1) Maximum wins are inclusive of the origin bet and based on the default bets for games 2) Underlined and bold values are default settings  3) Default settings can be changed by the operator 4) If the default settings/bets are altered, the maximum wins will be altered as well

1) All currency values relate to a currency multiplier of 1 which is accurate for EUR, USD, and GBP. 2) Other currencies, another multiplier might be used. For example: SEK has currency multiplier 10. All values related to currency should thus be multiplied by 10 for SEK. I.e. 10€ = $10 = £10 = SEK100. 3) A currency value is marked with an asterisk (*) next to the caption in all tables.

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