Horse Rasing betting predictions

Horse Rasing betting predictions

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Horse Racing

Around their president André Renaud, member of the Society of horse races held their meeting. 2015 was a good year, 2016 should look like him …

First appointment for bettors on Kernivinen Racecourse, Sunday, April 17.

With 242 starters on the three meetings of 2015, the company can be satisfied. Amounts wagered remain substantially the same, and for the first time, outdoor paris could be played by the Equidia channel.

The company had in its ranks eight in 2015. In 2016 commissioners race are only seven, Claude Adler from beyond the age of 75 years. “Many companies are galley Commissioners, starting with us. Therefore, I will propose to the federation to organize training on cells or Pontivy Vannes, before the final exam ” , says André Renaud.

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Important work was carried out in 2015: installation of a satellite dish and a power line to capture the Equidia channel for the dissemination of meetings; installation of heating in the room of Commissioners and the men and women jockeys locker room, and a water heater at the bar; refresh inside the stands …

In 2016 …

Three meetings are still scheduled for 2016 on racecourse Kernivinen, 17 April, 1 and 8 May. “We are used to organize the meetings in May, the first two Sundays of the month , said the president André Renaud. Unless this year, they fall the 1 st and May 8 There on those dates, events planned by other associations like the young tournament pontivyen Stadium on 1 st May and a cycle race on the 8th should be that the municipality provides a meeting with the associations to establish a précalendrier animation for the year, in order to avoid multiple events on the same weekend ” .

racing festival …

Regarding the program, trotting trials, steeplechase and flat headlights remain animations. April 17, Antoine Castle, painter, will speak with children to make a mural. May 1 will be placed under the sign of the Day of the races, with entertainment and free games for the whole family. On May 8, the public can attend a pony race. Of the three meetings, makeup stands, candy and pony rides will be offered.

The company has 15 members and several volunteers working meeting days. The office consists of: André Renaud, President; Maryvonne Le Falhun, Treasurer; and Isabelle Le Maner, new secretary.

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