Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Horse Racing Betting Strategy

There are few Horse Betting Strategies out there that actually earn money, but guess what? After years at the track we’ve nailed the secret sauce to gambling on horses and have thus been regarded as one of the greatest living horse handicappers in the US. Nevertheless, analysis makes perfect however it shouldn’t mislead you, but act as a guide. Horse gambling is very difficult and regardless of how hard you might analyze each individual horse there can be a lot of surprises. Always try to avoid chancing when placing your bets. Luck will never yield profitable results. For instance, gambling on sounding names or gambling on even horses is a recipe to disaster.

You need to apply mathematics, strategy and analysis before you consider placing any of your bets. For example, gambling on the favorites and losers can deplete your bankroll especially during main events. For example, a team in the top league playing a team in the bottom of the league guarantees you a win at which many bettors will place bets on the favorites. The favorites can’t be guaranteed to win as there are lots of factors that influence the likelihood of a horse winning like the starts. Many horses including favorites have a tendency to be scratched out due to false starts or others will start poorly.

Other aspects to look at include the distance of the racecourse, its condition if muddy, sandy, and also to include each horse’s previous performance. A punter can deeply look further in to analysis like the trainers, the jockeys, as well as other factors, but as a pro punter, you need to spread your bets in order to obtain a favorable ROI. Consequently, you need to contemplate the effective types of bets which will definitely yield a good return. Boxes are essential types of bets that may increase your bankroll effectively. Many punters especially the novice have a tendency to think that boxes are only meant for punters with a high bankroll at which this isn’t true at all because you may play boxes using fractions also known as fractional bets.

Fractional bets gives you an opportunity to get a certain percentage out from the actual dividend. For instance, when playing quartet bets as fractional bets of ten percent, if your bet wins, you get ten percent of the actual dividend. Therefore, the main tip bets that a punter can look into include the quartet, swingers, and trifecta. Consequently, you main bet should be the quartet bet. You can place your quartet bet as follows: The floating banker is the horse you guarantee will win, place, or show. This means, so as to win the quartet, the floating banker has to win, show or place then followed by the other 3 you’ve listed. In a race of 12 horses, 3 horses have been selected as the favorites this means you should subtract 12 3 leaving you with 9 horses. As a pro punter, you shouldn’t select a favored as a floating banker.

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