Horse racing betting on Cheltenham

Horse racing betting on Cheltenham

Posted on November 11, 2023 by in Horse Racing

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the UK’s most important horse races, probably surpassed only by the Grand National. A party for lovers of horse betting that Bet365 celebrates with various offers such as offering the best odds or giving free bets without risk. Cheltenham’s careers are a century old. The local racetrack becomes a giant betting house, as well as a fashionable catwalk.

Cheltenham horse racing betting offers

Bet365 promises to offer the best odds for Cheltenham horse racing on Channel 4 (in open air). In Spain we can’t watch them on TV but thanks to the Bet365 retransmission service, where you can watch horse racing even with Android and iOS mobile devices.

In the horse betting section of Bet365 you can consult all the promotions and schedules of Cheltenham races. You’ll see an interesting betting offer like “Channel 4/1 Offer”: when you place a bet on the “Winner” market with a share of at least 5.0, you get a risk-free bet to bet live; this means that you can place a live bet at the same value as the first one and if you are a loser, you get your bet back.

The Cheltenham Festival is taking place this year from 11 to 14 March but some bets such as “Best Jockey “are already available. Ruby Walsh is a favorite after dominating the last 10 years, being the rider who has won most races in seven of those ten editions. Still, despite last year’s win, Barry Gerarghty took the title away from him in 2012, which is also in the race.

R Walsh 1.57 B Gerarghty 4.33 A P McCoy 9.00 B Cooper 15.00

D Jacob 21.00 S Twist on-Davies 21.00 R Johnson 26.00

Getting ready to bet on the Cheltenham Festival and taking advantage of Bet365 offers is part and parcel of the event. In addition to the different horse betting markets, live images and specific promotions, you’ll get the Bet365 welcome bonus that doubles your opening balance and, if you use your mobile phone, another €50 betting bonus when you start betting with the mobile application.

Here everything is very chic and very traditional, very Victorian and very British. One hundred years Cheltenham has been celebrating his Gold Cup, his gold cup. And although Ascot has more social prestige, this is the main meeting place for obstacle courses.

Everything is ready: the jockeys, horses, binoculars and approximately half a million beers, 20,000 bottles of champagne and 30.00i of wine. And to finish off the’ dizzying’, the attendance data: 250,000 people and above all betting: in four days of racing, 700 million euros move.

Betting, an essential part of the party

Victor Chandler, president of online bookmaker BetVictor, comments that betting on the winning horse “is a fundamental part of racing. There are a lot of bookmakers, although mobile phones and the internet have changed things a lot. It used to move a million pounds and now it’s much quieter.

You can bet on iPad, mobile phone, internet or an electronic pole, everyone is nervous when the race starts. British excitement, skepticism, nerves and phlegm in those who lose, and boundless joy in those who win. After 100 years Cheltenham has made history again.

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