Horse Racing Betting For Gambler

Horse Racing Betting For Gambler

American gambler William Benter developed probably the most successful computer software in the world to attack the giant Hong Kong horse automotive market, where the pools regularly reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Throughout the 2010 racing season alone the gambling turnover reached HK$71.65 billion, on just two racetracks. In comparison, all the thoroughbred racetracks in the U.S. Combined take in just over $12 billion. William Banter’s software reportedly assesses hundreds of single variables for each horse, jockey, trainer and track. Utilizing the results, Benter and his team create their very own prices and probabilities, and use them to bet against the general public.

With amazing success. The rumors are wild, but estimates are that Bill Benter earns something around US$10, 000,000 annually from Hong Kong horse racing. More than every other industry, Horse Racing is based on emotion and emotions, people place bets based on everything from the horse’s name to tips from a buddy. Nowhere more than the notoriously superstitious Hong Kong race tracks. William Benter used computer logic to beat the system, and make millions! – William Benter Biography – Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, William Benter began utilizing his mathematics skills to count cards. Legend has it that in the mid-70s Benter came across the book Beat the Dealer, memorized its strategies and began his professional gaming career at the blackjack tables of Las Vegas.

In the same time Bill Benter had been banned from majority of the Vegas strips casinos, he met the card counter Alan Woods, and the couple decided to have a shot at horse racing. In the year 1984, Benter and Woods went Hong Kong, starting with a mere $150, 000. The pair relied on their mathematical ability to create a formula for choosing race winners. When Woods and Benter parted ways, in 1987, Benter perfected his computerized probability model. William Benter is now known as having the best statistical handicap method, assigning numerical values to estimate a horse’s probability of winning.

Benter has acknowledged that the escalation in computer technology have helped his teams workload through the years, while more experience has also allowed this professional punter more accurate betting. For instance, while Benter started out examining only 16 variables for each horse in a race, it’s now alleged that his team score horses on120 different handicapping factors. William Benters pioneering work with computerized gambling, his mathematical skill and knowledge, all have made him probably the most successful gamblers the horse racing industry had ever seen. Benter is generous with his fortune, donating to charitable causes both in Hong Kong and America. This article looks at the strategy of the 3 biggest bettors of the racing industry of all time: William Benter, Alan Woods and Zeljko Ranogajec.

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